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Help! My ICA4+ plays only in mono.

edited August 2015 in Audio
My Lenovo Yoga plays stereo just fine through its built in speakers, but the ICA4+ plays only in mono. I reseted the ICA4+ thinking that it would play in stereo by default. I checked a few other things, but still mono. In Windows Speaker Set Up, I tested the left and right speakers. Once again, the internal speakers play fine through the left and right speaker. However, if I click on mono, no sound through the ICA4+. When I choose the stereo setting, then the ICA4 plays through both speakers at the same even though it should play first through the left speaker only. When the right speaker icon shows that now sound should come through , there is no sound.

I thought this was more of a Windows issue, but when I connected another USB audio interface, it played in stereo just fine.



  • Chris/PhilM, we're flailing about trying to figure out what's going on here.

    So the first question is where you're clicking on Mono. Just to be sure, you're not clicking the M in the iConfig Audio Mixer, right? 'Cause that's not Mono, it's Mute.

    Assuming that's not it, obviously the interface doesn't know whether the signals in its inputs are mono or stereo (i.e. whether left and right are the same, or different as they are in stereo). Have you modified any routings in the iConfig software?

    Maybe you could post a link to a screen shot of your audio patchbay?
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