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Just so I'm clear on iConfig...

New user here...I've opened up iConfig (Mac) to look around and after some exploring I wanna confirm what I *think* I'm looking at. So, basically, every physical port represented in the left column shows all possible destinations for anything plugged into that port, yes? And the current settings (factory) shown are essentially random destination assignments? For instance USBJack1 appears to have USBchannel 5 assigned to USBJack2 and 3; USBJack2 appears to have USBchannel 6 assigned to USBJack1 and 3; and so on.

What's unnerving are all the preconfigured assignments/routings (if that's what they are) because it means that beyond making one's own routing configs, one needs to be careful not to leave any factory routings that might cause unexpected results. (I hate tracking down unexpected phenomena!)

Is there a way to 'zero out' the entire device in order to start from a blank slate? Or does that need to be done once, manually, and saved as an initial configuration? Thanks, Tom


  • Another thing I'm noticing: When I make a change in assignments (eg zeroing out all assignments for USBJack1) without saving, and then do a 'Restore to Factory Defaults' doesn't restore to factory defaults. It still shows the changes I'd just made previously. That's unexpected. Am I misunderstanding something?
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