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"none" port

edited August 2015 in MIDI
my MIDI2+ shows a port called "none"

what is this?




  • You're talking about the Reserved column in the MIDI Info screen?

    That doesn't apply to the iCM2+, just to the larger interfaces with USB MIDI ports.

    Cut and paste from the manual:

    "An additional drop-down menu, Reserved, is available for devices connected to the USB Host jack (remember, these must be USB MIDI Class-Compliant devices). In this case an M-Audio USB O2 MIDI keyboard is connected; its name appears automatically to be reserved, which means it will occupy USB Host Jack Port 1 every time it’s restarted.

    However, this works for a single M-Audio USB O2; there would be no way to differentiate between multiple O2s (or multiples of any device)."
  • edited August 2015
    I am talking about a fourth row in the MIDI info screen for both of the USB Device Jacks.

    the table reads:

    Port ::: Name

    1 ::: DIN 1
    2 ::: DIN 2
    3 ::: USB 2
    4 ::: none

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