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I'm having a conceptual problem

I'm having a conceptual problem with what the Ports column and Port Routes represent, and how they relate to each other when all devices are physical. So, while I'm getting MIDI activity, I'm not confident in understanding the data flow. When I test the interface ports in AudioMidi settings, ports I don't expect to be triggering devices are triggering them.

If the port list, underneath every device jack in the Port column represents a possible destination, and I click on a device in that list underneath the device jack, am I configuring how MIDI is received at the destination, or am I configuring how MIDI is sent from the device in, say, a USB jack? I started assuming the latter, but that seemed weirdly redundant.

Shouldn't the USB device list (underneath the device jack) be replicated for EACH physical jack as a set of potential destinations, which then have properties enabled/disabled in the Ports Routes (Destinations) window?

So, a daw plugged into USBjack2 would want to send/receive to all ICM4-attached devices. Whereas, a MIDI controller on USBjack3 might need to send/receive on only, say, two of four physical devices. For USBjack3, only those two devices would be represented in the device list, correct?


  • The first thing to know is that in the default setup, everything is routed to everything that wouldn't create a feedback loop.

    Will answer in more detail when I'm back in my studio and can read through your post more carefully, but I think what you're asking is whether the port list is sources. It is.
  • Thanks, yes, I'm completely messed up here, in the sense of understanding precisely what's happening with a device listed underneath a given jack-type. Is the jack (ie device physically connected to the jack) passively "listening" to the activity of all the (named) device ports? Or does the 'Jack-device' need to be enabled for each named device port in order for it to send/receive to that device?

    USB Device Jack 3 = ios device
    - FCB1010 (din1, i/o)
    - Adrenalinn (din2, i/o)
    - Padkontrol (din3, o-only)
    - MacOS (usb2)

    When I click on the FCB1010 port, do I need to:
    a) enable a source (itself) in addition to a destination for the FCB1010?
    b) enable as a destination the Device Jack the FCB1010 is listed under, in order to record (with ios device, in this example) what the FCB1010 is doing to a device it is routed to?

    I can't tell what is assumed in the ICM4 grid and what needs to be user-enabled. Even the instruction manual, on page 27, appears to say one thing about a graphic, while the graphic itself shows something different being enabled than what is claimed to be shown as a routing.

    Another issue is that my "Flash Settings" option in iConfig seems to have disappeared, even after relaunch of the app. So, when I tried to get AudioMidi Setup (MacOS) to reflect the recently-named ports, I appeared to get only one name that reflected an earlier saved setup, not my current named-ports setup.
  • Babysteps...I got AudioMidi Setup to recognize my named-ports setup.
  • ...still messed up here. Still can't factory-reset the ICM4+, and still don't understand the exact relationship between the USB-jacks and the devices listed under each jack. Either its overly complicated, or I'm overthinking it...but I could really use a sanity-check!
  • Omg. Seriously? Its taken me two days to figure out that the numbers written horizontally on the iconfig port routing page correspond to the device list per jacktype, as entered into the Midi Info tab on iconfig and/or is visible in the Jack dropdown menu in the Midi Port Routing tab. Sheesh, did I miss that in the manual? This isn't my first time messing with MIDI interfaces, but something about the routing interface and how it represents a crucial relationship wasn't obvious. On the other hand, this IS my first time mixing DIN ports and USB virtual ports. It took custom labeling and a desktop midi monitor to finally understand how iconfig represents the horizontal/vertical relationship of devices and ports. I think I keep relating 16 usb-ports as 16 midi channels. Cognitive dissonance, I guess. Hope this helps someone someday. (Still wish iconfig could factory reset properly)
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