USB2 port is DEAD

Mac Mini OSX 10.10.6
iconfig 4.1.2
firmware 1.0.8

This thing worked fine for about 2 weeks, but now USB2 port is DEAD. No matter what I connect to that port, it is not recognized as an audio device (tried iPad & mac). I tried manual re-flash of 1.0.8, still have issues. Couldn't even get 4.1.2 to reset to factory defaults. Downloaded 4.1.0 and it appears to reset to factory defaults, but USB2 port is still DEAD.

And wonky behavior in config - when I change sample rate from default to something like 24/48K it changes a bunch of port settings.

I thought this thing was cool when it was working, but now its pretty much destined to be returned...maybe try the Apogee interfaces?

Not happy right now with iconnectivity.


  • Very sorry to hear it, mcfleeg. I've contacted support about this, and they should be in touch (if they haven't, if you haven't already filed a support ticket).

    In the meantime, you have tried a different cable, right? And I'm not trying to pass the buck - things go wrong with every product that was ever made (including with Apogee interfaces) - but OS X 10.10.6 is a beta version of OS X. Could that be an issue?
  • Same thing happens on a Macbook Pro 10.10.5. When I plugged the USB2 into the Macbook, I get an error on the mac that says "USB Devices Disabled - unplug the device using too much power to re-enable USB devices." Same thing happens on the Mac Mini 10.10.5 (I miss-typed the version previously as 10.10.6).

    I suspect the USB2 port is maybe shorting out or something. USB1 port works fine on both macs & ipad...

    Should I return this to Amazon for a replacement, or do you guys have an RMA process directly? Purchased Aug 21.

    I'm certainly willing to give another unit a try because its pretty cool what it can do, and I understand things do go wrong from time to time.

  • Support will get this sorted out.

    And I'm almost sorry that it's not OS X 10.10.6, because I was going to ask how all your music programs are running. :)
  • I filed support Ticket #223905 with full details.
  • Just to close the loop on this forum thread, I did send the unit back for a replacement (USB2 port became unresponsive). As Nick said, with any piece of electronics, things can sometimes go wrong. I have not lost any confidence what so ever in iConnectivity or the Audio4 interface! Its an amazing mixer with so many versitile features at such a fantastic price - it blows away the competition...well, there really is nothing that can compare.

    I will be a bit more cautious when plugging/unplugging things on the replacement unit; perhaps even powering down before swapping USB connections...just to be on the conservative safe side.

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