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help please- setting up IOS/PC midi communication

My goal is to route midi messages from an IOS app, Set List Maker, to my Windows VST host, Cantabile. So far that's not happening.

I have my PC plugged into USB port 2, iPad plugged into port 1. I also have a midi keyboard connected to the PC via USB midi.

Both Set List Maker and Cantabile recognize iConnectMidi available ports.

I've set up midi send preset in Set List Maker and have created input /output ports for iConnectMidi in Cantabile. When I trigger the midi preset in Set List Maker, nothing happens. Furthermore if I press a key on my midi controller (also connected to my PC via USB midi), there is no indication of Midi send using the MidiMonitor app on the iPad. Shouldn't there be some evidence of midi send, at least for my midi controller keyboard? Should I be getting some green light activity on the front panel of my iConnectMidi when I press a key on my keyboard? Is it possible that something needs to be tweaked in iConnectivity iConfig?
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