I config for IAUDIO4+ on ipad

Any news on new iconfig for ipad ?


  • It's in the oven, mverrico - cooking at a high temperature - but did you know that everyone is welcome to join the public beta team?
  • Yes , l signed up, did not here back yet, I talked to RJ also. Today I opened a support ticket. I only have XP sp3 on my computer and I'm not ready to upgrade , I only use it for recording, rarely for internet. I just bought the IAUDIO4 + and I thought XP was the minumum for the iconfig audio also, I'm anxious to get control with the ipad, if there's anything you can do to get my beta version approved quicker I would appreciate it. I'm excited about the unit and I don't want to take it back to Guitar Center. You probably have it but, my email is mverrico@bellsouth.net , Thanks again !
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    mverrico - yikes. upgrade to win7 at least. you'll be glad you did. I was impressed with how much better things work together, audio wise. Win10 seems good as well, so far, though I'm only using it on my surface.

    nickbatz - How does one sign up for the beta? (edit: ignore me! i didn't see the second page on the other thread)
  • Okay, consider yourself ignored as requested. :)
  • I've been waiting for this since day one. In fact, I thought the current version was compatible until I discovered it wasn't. Well, it controls some functionality but the interface is pretty awful.
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    Hang on. kanegon, are you talking about XP or your iPad?

    The current iConfig beta for iPad is compatible. It's a beta, but it's certainly functional enough to get your iConnectAUDIO4+ configured.

    And if you access to a Mac, or a PC running something more recent than XP, then that's the way to go. After all, it's beta.
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    So - getting close to prime time, yet?

    I bought the ICA4 specifically because I have a fairly complex setup - 2 iOS devices, 7 external midi controllers, all audio I/O being used, lots of routing - and all part of a live setup. All of it works, but I often have a need to change or validate audio/midi routings between gear, sometimes while setting up at live venues. While I can connect a PC to make changes (I carry one for 'only' this purpose), I still have to disconnect one iOS device, take a stab at the settings I need for it on the PC, then switch back to see if it works. Frustrating.

    Just hoping there's some news on this being released soon.

    BTW - applied for beta twice and haven't heard anything.
  • Okay, the answer is that you can do all of that in prime time... but we need to approve you for the beta. Sorry about that - it looks like you slipped through the cracks.
  • Will this app work on iphones. Who cares about the little screen, we will work it out. Just let us zoom etc.. to handle it.. Seriously, you guys need to get this working to supply the main mix out to a stereo input to an iphone video app. NO one has this anywhere..
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