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icm4+ and the Modi 2 USB-DAC?

Normally, the Modi 2 is plugged into a desktop USB port that provides d/a for speakers and amplifiers. My question: can the Modi be an audio destination, on one of the powered icm4+ USB ports, for a USB-connected ipad (or two)?

Assuming the power requirements of the Modi are met, I'm thinking this should be possible. 2x2ch audio being summed together in the icm4+ and feeding the Modi via iConnectivity's Audio Pass-thru routing to the 3rd USB jack, which provides a line-level output for FOH applications. Output levels would be controlled on the iPads (via MIDI even?)

Is anyone here doing this?


  • Not exactly, Tbimas. The USB device jacks are carrying digital data, not line-level audio.

    What you can do is treat the Modi as another audio interface on a Mac or PC. You just route the audio output from your DAW to it. This is called aggregating audio interfaces; on Windows they should both be aggregated automatically, on Mac you set it up in the Audio MIDI Setup application.
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    Thanks, Nick! Yeh, done that aggregation (with the icm4+). And while I take your point on one level, that the data-type might not be correct...I thought the 'line level' audio you're referring to IS digital data...which the Modi would be *receiving* as digital data from the ipads (connected via USB with an iConnectivity 30pin->USB adapter).

    In fact, I just found this on the Shiit website: "For iPhones/iPads running iOS7/8, you can connect digitally with the Lightning to USB adapter sold by Apple, but you may need a powered USB hub to avoid the "this device draws too much power" error. Intel-based Chromebooks also work, though AMD seems to be a bit of a crapshoot."

    I guess that qualifies as answering my own question! My apologies to the board...

    So, as a compatible DAC, I'd expect to be able to route the usb-audio via the icm4+ Audio-passthru and still be able to address the ipad with upstream MIDI, just like any other computing device connected to the icm4+ USB-B jacks. AND, just to get at the heart of the matter, this could be done with TWO connected ipads, yes? Just as if the icm4+ were connected to a desktop with two ipads, each feeding the icm4+ audio that gets "Passed-thru" to the desktop computer USB-DAC as a stereo signal. Am I understanding this correctly?
  • There is a digital audio output from the iPad, but I still don't think it'll work, Thomas.

    You can try it, but the USB Device jacks think they're talking to a computer device, not a DAC. The computer sees an audio interface, not a digital audio stream. And the USB Host jacks only speak USB MIDI.

    I'll ask tech support about this and I hope I'm wrong.
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    Thanks, Nick. I do appreciate your feedback on this.
    (Never mentioned the Host jacks, well, because its obvious) However, you still doubt in spite of the manufacturer's own words with respect to the USB-B jacks?? There's no other purpose for the device when its connected as the manufacturer claims it can be connected to the iPad (and with a powered hub, its implied that the hub would be connected to a computing device, like a desktop or an iPad). Its a driverless DAC after all, and others work in just such a fashion, no?

    For me, now its just a matter of the particulars: can multiple audio streams be routed to the same stereo pair? Or would I need one DAC dedicated to each iPad? Which would be a problem as there are only 3 USB-B jacks, unless, as the manufacturer states, I put both DAC's on a hub. Or buy a ica4+ :)
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