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  • I have an iPad Air, when I connect to iconfig for audio it does not find the device I hit rescan several times and sometimes it shows the device, something like 0000052. Then when I try to connect it loses it again and can't find any devices.

    Is this the bug or problem that you are working on?

    Since it seems to be working so far with Auria what am I missing that Iconfig will provide?

  • This is a question for support. It's neither typical nor normal.
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    Has anyone made experiences with 10.11.2 beta 4 and iOS 9.3 beta 2?
    Supposedly, the bug is fixed and the IPad and IMac work together at 44.100Hz.
    I tried to download the IOS Beta, but it does not appear im my IPad Software updates (Beta Profile is installed)
    So I need to know if the bug is fixed with these updates because I have the opportunity to return the ICA4+ to my retailer, but would rather see it work now and keep it.
    Thanks in advance...
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    They've got it working in our offices, and I can confirm personally that it's working with iOS 9.3 beta 2. And if it works on one machine it should work fine with both, since you can just put the interface on internal sync if you're using two computers.

    Once you've registered your iPad for the beta, you should be able to check for available updates from Settings -> General -> Software Update. If it's not showing up as an available download, that probably means they took it down in advance of the next beta or the actual release. Just speculating.

    As I posted somewhere else, we're not ready to make a public announcement, but that's just because we're uneasy about recommending that our users install beta OS software. I'm sure the reasons are self-evident. :)

    Anyway, if I were in your shoes I wouldn't give up on the interface, and I say that as a guy who's used a lot of them, not as a shill working with the company. :) Not only does it sound surprisingly good, you'd need two audio interfaces, two MIDI interfaces, and maybe even a mixer to replace it. And even then you wouldn't have all the routing. I'm sure you're aware that in addition to the 4 x 6 analog I/O, each computer device has 8 x 8 internal digital audio going between the two.
  • Thanks for replying, this gives me a hope. And yes, I bought the device because it is unique and the perfect fit for my set up. I would have to pay at least 200€ to replace my iPad Apps with the desktop versions.
    I think I gonna wait a few days and see if I can get the Beta before I make the final decision.
  • Seems like I finally figured it out!
    Sample rate 48.000Hz does not work with Bias FX on iPad 4! Don't know if the iPad 4 is just to old to run Bias FX at 48Khz. I did not bother to try BIAS yet.

    However, here is what I did after alle the great advices I received here:

    I updated OS X to 10.11.2 beta 4
    I did not update the iPad IOS (beta not available at the moment)
    I set iPad as Clock Master
    I set the sample rate to 44.1KHz/24bit
    Signal path:
    Guitar>Ica4>Ipad Usb 1/channel 1> Bias FX > Imac USB 2 Channel 5&6 > Garageband
    works. Still latency, but much better then before and no pops nor any buzz. I could still record some guitar riffs, despite the little latency, wich may be caused by the iPad.

    I will observe performance during the weekend recording sessions and will report if I face any issues.
  • Was my post on January 26 invisible or something?
  • Kgmessier,
    Nope, but since you don't use the ICA4+ I think I rather like to hear the experiences of people who use the exactly this device. Thanks anyway....
  • Has firmware update 1.0.9 anything to do with the upcoming IOS 9.3 (or 9.4) update?
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    The problem was solved with a iOS beta that predates our firmware update. However, we're still not recommending people install public beta iOS versions. They're not final.

    Let's leave it at that before I become a loose cannon and get the company in trouble with certain people. :)
  • IOS 9.3 is out and ready for download! I hope that someone can confirm soon that it solved all problems?
  • Testing 1-2-3. Believe me, our fingers are crossed. :)
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    After updating to iOS 9.3 and El Capitan 10.11.4 this morning, I tested recording iPad audio into Ableton Live with my Mac and iPad both connected to the iConnectAudio4+, and there were no crackles or audio dropouts at all. I was definitely getting them in the previous versions of iOS 9, so it seems that this issue has been fixed.
  • That's good news! And thank you, @michael_r_grant, for letting us know. I trust that @nickbatz will soon be ready with his testing 1-2-3 (also the combination IOS 9.3 and Windows 7 or later) and bring us good news too, so I finally can update my iPad from IOS 8.4 to 9.3...
  • Our engineers are doing the testing, not me, just so you know. It's not informal, it's stringent!
  • While the engineers keep testing, here's an interesting article from Derek Jones about iCA-devices and IOS 9.3. Good news!! See:
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