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I am about to purchase one of these interfaces and before doing so, just have a quick question, please...

I have a specific use for the MIDI2+ in my live rig as a MIDI thru box without my Mac connected. So - I would setup the interface at home to assign one 5-Pin DIN MIDI In port to go out to both 5-Pin DIN MIDI ports simultaneously and save that into the interface as a snapshot. Then, powering the MIDI2+ interface through a normal iPad USB charger, I could just connect the MIDI connectors without my Mac connected and this will work, or do I need my computer connected at all times for it to function?

Sorry if this is a basic question but I do need to know this will work before purchasing.

I look forward to someone confirming this either way, please.
Thanks, Andy


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    The routing is water under the bridge using the included iConfig software.

    I want to say that you'd just use the optional power adapter instead of a USB charger, but let me check with tech support to make sure. The device is USB bus-powered, but I'm pretty sure a USB charger would make the Device jack really angry. It's expecting to see a computer device, not just power.
  • In other words, the power adapter is for keeping an iOS device charged. I'm not sure whether it also powers the device, which is usually bus-powered.
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    Okay, support confirms that either way will work - USB or charger.
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