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iconnect loses connection; have to reboot frequently

I'm using iConnect to bridge Set List Maker on iPad with my VST host on my PC. I have everything set up correctly. After sending messages successfully from iPad to my host a few times, the connection is "lost" and the only way to reestablish it is to reboot the iConnect hardware. Then Midi messages flow just fine again for a few more minutes, then I have to reboot. Everything appears to be set up correctly. I've also run the latest firmware update on the iConnect. Any ideas?


  • This sounds like a USB bus power issue, so my first suggestion is to try a different USB port on your computer if you can.

    But I'm not a tech support guy, so please file a ticket if that doesn't work. I'll keep an eye on this thread too.
  • Not using a powered USB hub. Maybe I should try that?
  • If you have one it's definitely worth a try. USB usually just works... except when it doesn't.

    But that isn't the only thing that can cause lost connection issues. A bad cable will do that very happily, for example.
  • I've been working with tech support on this. Here's what s happened:

    I booted up the computer (iConnect and USB cables already in place). I opened my host app Cantabile, opened Set List Maker app in iPad, and started sending midi commands from Set List Maker to Cantabile. It worked for about 15 presses (midi sends), then stopped. I continued to send midi commands from SLM in quick succession and after about the 40th one, commands started going through again. After this point, it continued to work for several hours, until I powered the computer down. Don't know how many times I sent midi messages during this time, probably at least 20 to 30.

    The same sequence of events occurred when I rebooted the computer and opened the host app again, although the number of presses before it went dead and then re-connected wasn't exactly the same.​

    So it seems that it as suggested it may be a Windows OS issue, although I'm really shooting in the dark on this.
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