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iPad -> Camera Connection Kit -> USB Hub -> iConnectMIDI -> Mac?

I've got my iPad running Auxy sending MIDI out via the camera connection kit to a USB hub to the USB MIDI inputs on my DSI Mopho and Moog Little Phatty. This setup is awesome. I would like to add a third destination, my computer running a soft synth.

Could I hook the iConnectMIDI2+ to facilitate the communication from USB hub directly to the mac?

I realize that I could just go straight from iPad to the iConnectMIDI2+, but I kind of like that all my devices show up in my apps as Little Phatty SE II and Mopho Keyboard from the USB device identifier strings. Plus it just seems to make more sense to me.


  • The iConnectMIDI2+ supports two computer devices, but it may not be happy connecting to a USB hub instead of a computer. You probably want the iConnectMIDI4+, which supports USB MiDI devices directly. But I'll see if I can get you a better answer.
  • gm, can you use 5-pin MIDI for your devices? If so you can connect the iPad and computer to the iConnectMIDI2+'s Device jacks.

    Otherwise I'd recommend the iConnectMIDI4+, which has connections for everything and then some.
  • edited October 2015
    I see, so it sounds like the iPad->computer transmission part of the iConnectMIDI2+ is not able to be sent with the device mounted as a class compliant MIDI interface, it needs to be connected to the iPad via the MFi connector.
  • I don't think that's been tested. The iPad is a computer device, and it really wants to go into the Device jack. You can pass audio that way too.

    By the way, the iConnectAUDIO4+ would also accommodate your setup -in addition to having 4x6 analog audio I/O.
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