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Unresolved Clicking


Using ICM2 on Mac Mini running on Yosemite and I'm unable to resolve a clicking issue when running IOS synths although the problem occurs when running any audio from my iPad Mini. I have tried altering the buffer size which doesn't seem to alter the sound at all.

The sample rate is 44100 24bit. I experimented with changing audio frames to buffer and synch factor value in Iconfig, and have tried the ICM2 in various different mac ports. I have tried setting the clock source ICM2 as well as to my Mac. I am powering my speakers/ headphones through Novation Audiohub 2 x 4.

What's strange is that all of the above changed seem to have had no effect on altering the sound quality at all.

Is there a chance this may be faulty or is there anything else I can try?

Many thanks
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