New discussion category for iConfig for AUDIO?

Well, that's the question.... Because now we have iConfig App (IOS) (under Software) and iConfig IOS Beta (that I can see because I was a beta-tester) and since the beta went public both are obsolete now...


  • Please just use the General Discussion area for now, Haropus.
  • Ok thanks, great to see iconfig audio released for iPad.
    Obvious first suggestion is a way to save a setup and recall patching
    It would be nice to instantly recall Live setup, studio setup, etc. If there is a way of doing this already please let me know.
    Looking forward to ongoing improvements and gui improvements.
  • +1 @ "Please just use the General Discussion area for now". I'd definitely prefer to see all (non-beta) iCA4+ related discussions in a single spot.

    Presuming the folks signed up for TestFlight will still continue to get early releases for testing, it makes sense to keep that sub-forum in place so there's no peanut butter on one's proverbial chocolate.
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