Using icm4+ and ica4+ together


I recently got the iconnectaudio4+ and would like to work with the iconnectmidi4+ which I already. The main thing I want to set up is midi. I have an analog keys and would like this to be a master keyboard for all my other synth pieces. I currently have this plugged into ica4+ midi port 1. This works fine and I can control iOS synths and sequence the analog keys with the iPad (when needed).

But, I can't get it to talk with my other gear which is all hooked up on ports 1,2 &3 on the icm4+, which in turn I have connected via the host port on the ica4+.

Help - how can I get these two devices playing nice together?

Many thanks



  • I'm simply trying to connect your two flagship products together... Is it even possible? Anyone?
  • Sorry, I missed this post.

    Will answer from my computer rather than iPhone.
  • I'm still having issues with this. I'm surprised there is no documentation on how to get the 2 devices working together. I want to use iCA4+ as I can pipe audio from my iPad and other gear into my mixer... and I want to use iCM4+ as I have a lot of Midi gear that needs to talk to one another.

    I can get all the Midi items talking within the iCM4+ but I can't get Midi & iPad connected Midi devices talking to the ones on iCM4+. Well... I can, but they're not staying on their channels.

    My current configuration (I've tried many now) is to have my 4 pieces of midi gear connected on the iCM4+ on ports 1 > 4. I then have the iCM4+ connected to the iCA4+ via the USB Host connection. I then have an iPad plugged into the USB1 port and a standard midi controller on the iCA4+ Din port 1.

    Seems to make sense but it doesn't work. When I send a signal from the iPad to say Midi device 4 all the midi devices receive the signal even though I have HST4 selected in the iPad app and even only HST4 switched on in iConnect app.

    It's very confusing. Is there a tutorial anywhere?

  • I've (sort of) managed to get this working. But now I have a new question.

    I have the iCM4+ going into the Host port on the iCA4+. Inside the iCA4+ Midi Info for USB Host Jack 1 it displays 4 connected devices, iCM4+ Port 1, Port 2, Port 3, Port 4.

    What I would like is to have each of these 4 ports match the 4 midi ports... is this possible? If I try to access any of those midi devices they all share port 1. So... what are the other iCM4+ 3 ports that show up in the iCA4+ Midi Info panel?

    Hopefully someone will actually answer this...
  • My guess is that the four ports are the interface itself + three Device ports, and you'd route to individual ports by using iConfig to set up the iConnectMIDI4+ that way.

    But that's just a guess.
  • Is there any documentation anywhere on how to get these products talking nicely? Right now I've removed iCM4+ from the set up as I just couldn't get it working without some kind of problem.
  • ohexoh, please file a support ticket.

    Usually they're quick, but I'm not sure how being at the NAMM Show this week will affect the response time. If it's not immediate, please don't get mad!
  • I'm in the same boat. Was looking at getting a MOTU MIDI interface and I thought "but wait! I have an iCA4+, surely it and an iCM4+ will work together seamlessly!". I got the iCM4+ yesterday and have been struggling to get the two playing nicely together.

    I can't believe that this (I would think) relatively common use case isn't documented at all. I'll keep fooling with it but might end up having to open a ticket if I keep running into problems. Bummer. I'd be happy with just some documentation describing how to best make this setup work.
  • Don't worry, we haven't forgotten you. I'll get you an answer.
  • hello, I am looking at the same problem, have ICM4+ and ICM1 and I cannot create a software setup where they are integrated as one. I am thinking of getting a second ICM4+ but having doubts because of the software issue...
  • sunraa, first of all I love your tin foil hat. I have at least one of your albums over here. :)

    But about two interfaces, you can plug one's USB MIDI into the other. Personally, if I were using two I'd bring along a laptop and let a DAW handle all the routing.

    Or do I misunderstand? What software setup are you talking about? Any audio, MIDI, and/or audio+MIDI interfaces you connect to a Mac can be treated as one in about three seconds, for example.
  • If you only need to derive MIDI in/out between the two devices, using a MIDI cable to connect them works fine. What you currently cannot do is route Audio Pass-Thru between multiple iC devices without a computer to aggregate the devices. Similarly, routing MIDI between iC devices via a single iConfig patchbay instance is not possible, as an instance of iConfig can only be connected to a single iC device at one time. Even though multiple iC devices can be concurrently connected, iConfig is mutually exclusive - within iConfig, the user has to unload one iC device in order to load another.
    It is a disappointing limitation which probably requires significant redesign (physical changes) to add to future iC devices. I don't know if it can be rectified via firmware revision, but I'd gladly sacrifice a device port on the devices if chaining _could_ be accommodated via a firmware revision. There may be issues with MIDI which prevent iConfig from being re-designed to concurrently manage multiple iC devices without swapping.
    But as Nick says, inserting a computer into the topology allows aggregation. It's a kludge, but it works. We're still stuck with the "single device per instance" limitation of iConfig, but that's not a showstopper IMO.
  • Diggo, I kinda don't consider using a computer a kludge with a computer/audio+MIDI interface!

    Point taken about the feature request, of course. We know that would be a good feature.
  • Hi Nick,

    I should emphasize I'm talking purely from a live performance stance, which is a relatively common user story for iC devices. It is reasonable to expect to use multiple iC devices solely with iPads at live shows. Introducing a Win laptop or a Macbook because hardware chaining wasn't in the product design scope introduces another point of failure simply because of a design omission.

    That said, I'm guessing the omission might have been due to the complexity associated with achieving stable chaining/aggregation, particularly when your potential customers were hounding iC to reduce the gap between product announcement and actual shipping. That said, stable built-in chaining/aggregation would inherently be more stable and less complex than using third party methods/devices.

    From a device perspective, live performance is all about risk management. You might contend that having a PC or Mac is good risk management, but in reality it is also fair to expect aggregation of iC devices to be possible within the hardware itself, reducing the risk of a nasty disaster if the laptop crashes.

    In other words, in the event of an iPad crash, the iC devices continue to work. That's the current state of play except for aggregation (which currently isn't possible within an iPad ecosystem).

    Note also I'm only talking about iC devices, not aggregation with non-iC devices.

    It is reasonable for your customers to presume that a company with "Connectivity" in the brand name, (which builds Swiss Army Knife connectivity products) would logically maximize the connectivity between its own products.

    Anyway, I've made this point on multiple occasions over the last year or so and repeating it ad nauseam doesn't help anyone except perhaps new users who expect the feature and can't figure out why it isn't I'll refrain from further repetitions.

    Maybe one day?

    And I'll add that no other company has achieved what iC has already delivered, so I'm not complaining - I'm explaining instead. I love my iC devices and will be buying another iCA4+ this week.



  • Understood, Diggo. As I said, this has come up in conversations, so who knows what they'll cook up down the road.
  • Just thought I'd plus-one this general idea. I would very much like to be able to use the ICM4+ basically as a configurable 'MIDI Port Extender' for the iCM4A+. For me, addressing and routing din MIDI ports would be priority A, iOS device ports as priority B and the USB host port as a very distant priority C.

    I would imagine this is absolutely possible with the current hardware but the use case (we want to buy multiples of your products!) wasn't really designed for. Of course, I'm not an iConnectivity developer so I don't know beans; I only say that I imagine it's possible because of the amount of wizardry currently on display within each box.

    Perhaps it's a new product actually: DIN MIDI port extender for any of the iConnectivity interfaces. Something that might plug into a device port but hopefully also include it's own singular device connection. In that way, it could be used as a stand alone tablet/computer MIDI interface for those not looking to interconnect iOS devices and also be used as a port extender for existing customers.

    2 cents!
  • I agree with syrupcore except for prioritizing MIDI first, as MIDI is already possible via cable. Yes, it would be very nice if managing multi-iC-device MIDI could be done within a single iConfig routing interface (without switching IOW).

    But currently, routing Audio Pass Thru from one iC device to another is not possible at a device level. I'd gladly sacrifice a device port on each iC device to achieve that.

    That said, it is logical to pursue the easiest solution first.

    The idea of using a specific addon device/cable seems sensible. That's how the similar connectivity has been achieved by other manufacturers. Hopefully it wouldn't mean relinquishing the compliance with MIDI and/or USB standards.
  • Maybe Rasberry Pi?
  • Plus one on these ideas here.

    i'm working on a similar setup with my ICM4 as an Agg device to my ICA4 via MBP. I'm currently routing the ICM4 with Device 1: iPhone 6, Device 2: MBP, Device 3: ICA4 Host Port via Hub adapter. I then have my ICA4 setup with Device 1: iPad Mini and Device 2: MBP. My issue is that i cannot get my Korg Module midi/audio signal to my mixer in iConfig. I'm not seeing it in my DAW either although the ports to show up in the dropdown menu for inputs. Did i see that it only transmit the midi signal earlier in this thread?
  • I have an iPad connected to my iC4A, I'm using it for both MIDI and audio. I have a couple of USB controllers attached to it as well and it also serves as my main audio interface. I also have an iCM4 with a few DIN MIDI devices connected. I want to be able to use my iPad for both audio and sequencing for my DIN MIDI devices and use my USB controllers to drive the DIN MIDI stuff as well. What's the best way to connect the iCA4 and the iCM4? Can I use USB or is it MIDI only? I'm still stuck on the best way to do this, maybe it's not even possible. I'm pretty close to giving up on making this work like I had hoped it would and near as I can tell, this kind of setup is not covered in any of the documentation.
  • You can send USB MIDI to the iConnectMIDI4+'s USB Host jack from the iConneatAUDIO4+.
  • nickbatz - good to know, thanks! I'll see how that works out.
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