U1, U2, & All 4 Line Inputs directly routed to Line out 1 &2?

The ICA4+ is such a versatile, capable unit, but with it comes complication in its operation. I wish there were more tutorials with real examples.

U1(PC) , U2(IOS), & All 4 Line Inputs directly routed to Line out 1 &2? Is this possible on the ICA4+? I spent hours but couldn't do it unless I have the Line inputs go through Audiobus in the IOS device.

Another issue is that my synth sound really great in stereo when it is routed directly to line out,but going through Audiobus in my IOS device when the sound comes out I lose stereo separation, and it doesn't sound as good. No clue as to what is going on. I was not using any effect in my IOS device.


  • I'm recalling this from memory because I have a replacement unit on its way due to a defective USB2 port (hey these things sometimes happen with electronics!), I still really like this interface a lot!.

    At the very least, I did manage to get U1 plus Line-In 1-4 all going out the Line-Out 1-2 plus the Headphone L+R. I had to select 24bit/48K to get enough analog mixer ports available (instead of 24/96). Be sure to bring all the the levels up in the mixer, and in the middle section of the mixer for DESTINATION click the link right below it to choose the outputs ANLG:1 ANLG:2, plus ANLG: HL and ANLG: HR (headphones!).

    There is a BLOG that does help to "wrapping your head around the audio mixer", I found this very informative:


    At any rate, you will need to send all 8 of the inputs (USB1 1&2, USB2 1&2, ANLG 1-4) into the analog mixer, then assign the output of the mixer to Line 1&2 (plus, I assigned output to heaphone L+R too). But in order to get 8 mixer inputs you may have to back down to 24bit/48K - I think there may be some limitations to number of mixer ports for routing when using 24/96.

    Hope this helps.

  • Also, lots of decent YouTube tutorials, here's one on patchbay & mixer:

  • Great answer, mcfleeg. Thanks!
  • I was blind, but now I see! Mcfleeg, Thank you so very much. I am embarrassed to say how many hours I spent tweaking, reading the manual, and watching the tutorial videos before I decided to post for help. However, all those hours didn't go to waste. Your short description made everything click for me. I couldn't afford to have this kind of complication on stage and I was about to go back to my Roland Duo Capture. Now I don't need to and nor do I want to thanks to your post and all the great features of the ICA4+.

    Boy, am I happy!!!
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