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An option for a multi-client operation with ASIO Driver

At home, I use the MS Surface Pro as my desktop PC. It is always connected to a large LCD screen, but I never take the Surface Pro on the road as the screen is too small for me. I use a USB 3.0 docking station, which along with Asio4All gives me a multi-client environment. Surprisingly, it works very well with pretty good low latency in running two applications at the same time.

When I got my ICA4+, I wanted to achieve an ASIO multi-client operation for my travel hybrid tablet and I installed Voicemeeter Virtual Audio Mixer. It worked very well. It is a free program but I liked it so much that I made a donation. They have a more advanced version called Voicemeter Banana.

At I was overwhelmed with all the features of the ICA4+ decided to uninstall Voicemeter and wait until I understand the ICA4+ fully. Now that I am much more comfortable with my ICA4+, I will reinstall Voicesmeter to have Asio multi-clent.

Voicemeeter seems to be a very flexible, professional grade application. I thought this would be a much better option than Asio4all not only for the purpose of ASIO multi-client but other audio needs.


  • Do you mean that Voicemeeter (Banana) gives you a better setup qua asio-driver and mixer/patchbay then iConnectivity's own asio-driver for Windows + iConfig?
  • No, not necessarily. The main thing that I was referring to (Sorry if I didn't make it clear in my post) was whenever you use an Asio driver, usually your Windows PC can't run more than one audio application at the same time nor does it allows audio files to play while your audio app is running. I will have to take back what I said about the ICA4. Now I can choose the ICA4 Asio, play a VST instrument in one host, have another host play a VST plug-in while my PC plays audio/vido files all at once. After all, I guess I don't need to reinstall Voicemeeter for my purpose, but others might find the app useful for their purposes.
  • Ok, understood; thank you, @PhilM.
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