[EditI IT'S BEEN OUT FOR A LONG TIME!] Release date for iConfig on iOS iConnectAUDIO4+?

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Any news on the release date for iOS iconfig?
My audio4+ is eagerly awaiting!


  • Although this is currently one of our main focuses, there is no release date to share for the new iConfig (for iOS) at this moment, sorry. We will be sure to post here and on social media when we have a good idea on an ETA.

    Thank you for your patience,
  • I switched from the MIDI2+ to the Audio4+ when it came out and it did not disappoint. Another happy user looking forward to the updated iOS app here. Keep up the good work.
  • Thanks @timtucker - hope to have a date in the near future for everyone.
  • Another satisfied user (and Tucker) here! Thanks for keeping us up to speed.
  • Thanks @rtuckr - you can follow us here too (we will post about it through these channels as well):

    Stay tuned!
  • Any news about the release date or a release date for a tentative date? :)
  • Hey KDub - With all the additional features of iConnectAUDIO4+, It looks like an iCA4+ version of iConfig is going to be submitted as it's own app to Apple. So once the app gets approved via Apple and I get the GO from the dev team, I will have a better ETA for you.

    Ill update as I hear.
  • opps...I just started a thread about this request too...sorry...
  • No worries Deb, now you will get pinged when I update this thread (if you have your notifications turned on through the forum settings).
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    Its currently wrapping up testing with the QA team. It also looks like there will be a minimum display requirement to fit all the goodies in, I believe iPad mini and up.

    Im not sure fitting all the features and graphics will work on smaller iPhone displays, and Im also not sure if a iPhone version will be worked on after this - but I will no more once the final version for iPad is released. As stated above, it will be it's own app installation, not an update to the current iOS version that works on iPhone and iPad.

    I hope to have an ETA for you once testing is complete.
    We really appreciate everyone's patience while we put the final touches on this release.
    Let me know if you have any other concerns in the meantime.
  • I have an ipad 2.....do you know if it will work with the app? Not sure if the ipad mini came out the same time as ipad 2
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    Hey Thor - its more of the actual screen size. We can't fit all the information on iPhones at this time. But let me see if I can get an official support list from the dev team.

    Currently, we are soliciting more feedback for our iConfig for iOS application and thus are opening up a beta for users of iConnectAUDIO4+.

    To apply for beta, complete the form at: http://www.iConnectivity.com/iOSiConfigBetaApplication
  • I applied for the beta program....is it too late to get in on the fun?
  • Which forum do we use to post feedback on iConfig IOS beta?
  • Oh, duh...I found the forum for beta feedback.
  • iConnectAUDIO4+ support has been in the beta for months, Karl. It's fully functional. We're still improving it, but you can get work done with the beta no problem.
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    I signed up for the public beta twice. Haven't heard back. What do I need to do?
  • I just fired off an email on your behalf. It shouldn't take long. Sorry!
  • Same here, would love to test the beta, but after signing up I haven't heard anything yet....
  • Can't find a place to sign up for beta. See others futile attempts. Wrote to nickbatz and received no response. Still no audio version of the app in iOs. Didn't get a cross platform hw to debate or fish for relevant software. Will it come? Apparently those who use the beta use a fully functional... Why not the rest of the customers. If it's so buggy, we could uninstall?
    This being part of the sold product, involves me at a level unintended and unrelated to music.
    Why not finish the job before advertising. And reply when contacted, also a thought. Finishing the job might nonetheless prove to be the best fundament.
  • I wrote this to Nickbatz as his replies indicate him as staff of iConnectivity.

    Forestchild → nickbatz
    Dear Nick.
    Without the longer story, I would prefer the possibility to use the ipad w2air to configure. I did not realise this was not possible and have not had time to pursue the issue. Now I discover there is no released program for ios9. You have a beta though. I am not unused to beta testing having a DJI P3P with 3 mapping betas. Perhaps you would include me on your list or otherwise recommend an approach.
    Kind regards

    I received no response.
  • Sorry Forestchild, I didn't get the message. Please sign up for the beta here:

    I'll forward your beta request.
  • Okay, you should all be good to go now.

    This time it wasn't our fault. :) Someone registered twice, and that made the Apple server's head explode.
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    DLd & loaded the beta. Seems to work for me. A few rough edges here & there as to be expected in a beta release... Is there a beta forum for more detailed report? Edit: Found the beta forum... Didn't show for me when I originally posted this. Better review/comments to come...
  • Current version for Iphone? I thought the only driver that was available onl;y worked with Ipads? I am trying to get the Audio+ to send mixed audio tracks to an Iphone Video App.
  • I don't need it to work great or be a real release product, but what kind of functionality is available for the Iphone? Your missing the boat there because there is simply NOTHING out there that lets you pull a mixed audio program(a live bad for example) into an Iphone as a stereo track for recording live videos. If you had that functionality, someone could record a live band with multiple inputs to the audio+, send them both to a DAW AND to an Iphone for a rough video or just to the Iphone like I want to do. Just a stereo feed would be enough. Then if they wanted they could later do a proper edit by mixing the DAW final mix to the video. But you wouldn't HAVE to do that time consuming part. I think this is a bigger need than you realize. OR another use would be bringing in a prerecorded stereo track while lip synching or even singing to the track on the Iphone. There is just NOTHING out there that does it seemlessly except one little unit with 2 mics. So I bought your unit HOPING. I know an Ipad would work, but thats another $400 and the camera is not nearly as good as the 6S or as convenient when you are trying to stick it out in a room discreetly. PLEASE help me!!!!
  • NO ONE ANYWHERE SUPPORTS supplying stereo audio to the Iphone Video apps. This is a great opportunity.
  • I don't know about the iPhone camera app, but the interface works very well with an iPhone.
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