Any luck with iOS9?

Not so much. So bad, I've had to revert to iOS 8.4.1 on my 2 yr. old iPad Air. There's a popping sound that cycles in the background. Under iOS8, I rarely had latency or noise issues with the iConnectAudio4. WIth iOS9, I noticed it the moment I started Cubasis. The latency increases within the span of a 3 minute project. The pop sound is similar to the static heard when turning on or off. Same problem with Garageband. iCA4 doesn't like something with iOS9.

The problem does not occur when using iConnectAudio4 for apps like iTunes or Netflix. In fact, iOS 9 works fine with my older Alesis USB. Once I went back to iOS8.4.1, the noise and sync problems vanished. (Don't even ask about the reversion, it's a MPITA!)

To his credit, RJ has acknowledged the issue and they're working on a fix (I hope so!). Is anyone else using the iCA4 with iPad on iOS9? Have you discovered any workarounds? I've also heard that that iOS 9.1 beta solves certain audio issues, but have no idea what. iOS composers UNITE!


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