Direct Monitoring

Does this unit feature direct monitoring? I'd love to buy it for live purposes, but being a looper that beatboxes, I'm worried about any latency that could throw off a groove/feel.


  • Yes sir, in fact you can route inputs to more than one place at the same time - say, to your headphones and to two computers (Mac/PC/iOS), but not to your speakers.

    There's a patchbay in the included iConfig software that makes all this digital routing very easy to control, and you can see what's going where at a glance.

    I'll post a quick how-to shortly.

  • Really appreciate it. I'm just looking for a solution as this seems like an amazing piece of equpment (by far the best I've seen), but I really need zero latency when performing live.
  • Just to clarify what I posted, when I said "but not to your speakers," I meant that you can remove the speakers from the signal path, not that you can't route the inputs there! You can.
  • Thanks. It seems like it will take some time to get my setup configured:

    Mic, Guitar, and Handsonic - Straight thru to PA

    Mic - EQ - MiMix
    Guitar - MiMix
    HandSonic - MiMix

    MiMix - Loopy

    Loopy - Main Out

    iConfig looks like it could do something like this (I hope)!

    Thanks again
  • It's really easy to set up. You have a matrix with sources across the horizontal axis and destinations on the vertical axis, and you just click to put a dot where you want a source routed.

    In between is an audio mixer that you either place in the routing path or just bypass if you don't need it.

    The MIDI routing is just as flexible, plus you can filter and remap channels and controllers.
  • Your analog inputs (mic, guitar...) are just sources to the matrix. There are four analog ins and four outs, plus a separate headphone mix.

    It shouldn't take some time to configure!
  • You sold me! At worst, I'll just it to record, but it sounds like the perfect setup
  • It would be very nice if there were more tutorials (videos maybe?) about 'practical' setups via the audio patchbay! @nickbatz, I'm looking forward to your how-to.
  • @nickbatz, you truly are a treasure. Thank you so much! That was very helpful and now I realize I can so exactly what a need and will be purchasing one of these in September!
  • What I plan on doing is turning of live monitoring on Loopy, and run my vocals, guitar, and drums straight directly to one channel on my PA and the actual looped music to another channel. I just will need another DI Box, but that's not a big deal.
  • Sounds good, Dylan, and thanks.
  • Works great with 2 sources for direct monitoring, but can I also monitor all 4 ins direct through headphones or one output pair? Thanks Andre.
  • Sure you can. Please check out this blog, and post back here if you still have any questions.

    But I think you'll find it simple.
  • Actually, I just looked at the blog post, and it doesn't show exactly what you're doing.

    You need to route the Analog inputs to the Analog Mixer, and from there to the headphones.
  • Cool. Works. They are panned left/right. Can I center them somehow?
  • I can´t find it. Shouldn´t it be here?
  • No, those are just input level controls. You have to route the signals to the analog mixer.

    I'm on an iPhone and can't dig up the link until I'm in my office, but there's a blog post about wrapping your head around the mixer that you'd probably find helpful.

    It's unconventional because we have two computer devices, analog, etc. going on, plus not everything has to go through the mixer at all. But it does make sense once you get it. :)
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