Any luck with iOS9?

Not so much. So bad, I've had to revert to iOS 8.4.1 on my 2 yr. old iPad Air. There's a popping sound that cycles in the background. Under iOS8, I rarely had latency or noise issues with the iConnectAudio4. WIth iOS9, I noticed it the moment I started Cubasis. The latency increases within the span of a 3 minute project. The pop sound is similar to the static heard when turning on or off. Same problem with Garageband. iCA4 doesn't like something with iOS9.

The problem does not occur when using iConnectAudio4 for apps like iTunes or Netflix. In fact, iOS 9 works fine with my older Alesis USB. Once I went back to iOS8.4.1, the noise and sync problems vanished. (Don't even ask about the reversion, it's a MPITA!)

To his credit, RJ has acknowledged the issue and they're working on a fix (I hope so!). Is anyone else using the iCA4 with iPad on iOS9? Have you discovered any workarounds? I've also heard that that iOS 9.1 beta solves certain audio issues, but have no idea what. iOS composers UNITE!


  • Surely, I'm not the only one who uses iCA4 with an iPad. There must be hundreds of us, so how's iOS9 working for you?
  • Let me look into this, kanegon. Will get back.
  • Better stay away from ios9 if you use it for audio production. There will be issues. Believe me.
  • n13, could you elaborate? what issues with iOS9 have you experienced or heard about?
  • I gave it a try on my ipad air, but the ica4+ is, at this time not usable for i.e. audiobus use. It gives audio crackles, hearable latency and the latency settings seem to change nothing. itunes and safari playback seems fine. Went back to 8.4.1 and all is fine. You can check and go back (
  • Damn, same deal! Cubasis is fully compatible, but iCA4+ and some of the interapps aren't, so I hear. iOS9 did not pose any issues with my older Alesis CCK interface, but it's hard to go back when you've been spoiled by the ica4+'s charging and dual iOS inputs. I can't replicate my setup with anything else out there, so I hope RJ's crew gets it sorted out. I'm tempted to try the iOS9.1 beta, I hear it adresses some audio issues.
  • I just installed iOS 9.01 on an iPad Air 2, and the latest iConfig beta is working fine.

    It crashed on launch under iOS 9.0, but this is not an official iConnectivity incompatibility report, because the cable might not have been seated correctly here. :)

    Keep posting here, please.
  • Just tried iCA4+ on my spanking new iPhone 6S, using GarageBand. No luck, same popping after-sound. It doesn't seem to be cycling, it happens after each note. The louder the input, the louder the pop. So neither 9.01 nor A9 processor help.
  • kanegon, please file a support ticket. I tried to replicate the issue with Garageband, but it's sounding great on both my iPhone 6 (no S) and iPad Air 2 here. Something else is going on.

    Meanwhile I'll notify support from this end as well.
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    I already did; #161988 a week ago. I'm confused, I thought RJ replicated the problem and they were looking at what the noise and latency issue was. You're saying it's working perfectly. It's the same problem as I'm having with iPad Air. A subtle swelling thing ending with a pop. iPad Air and iPhone 5 with 8.4.1 work fine.
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  • I haven't talked to RJ about it, so you guys are ahead of me. You're in good hands - RJ is ahead of me, since he's able to test things thoroughly.
  • I'm getting pops and clicks with Loopy, Cubase, and other "pro" audio apps but iTunes music seems to be ok. My other interface(Apogee one) is fine. If anyone gets this figured out please update this thread.
  • I did the same. I had a response on my ticket that it was being worked, but nothing more. Same issues as kanegon. Do this:

    0. Default iCA setup, turn up volumes appropriately.
    1. Connect external speaker to outputs
    2. Connect an external sound source (keyboard, whatever)
    3. Open Cubasis or Audioshare or GarageBand in iOS 9
    4. Setup the app to monitor input
    5. Play the sound source as a monitor - it will "hiccup" every few seconds.
    6. Record the sound and playback. Sound still hiccups.
    7. Listen to recording without iCA. Recording is fine.
  • We are looking into this. Please stay tuned.

    Is the other interface on your iPad or a regular computer? I wonder about buffer settings. Dealing with two computer devices and routing MIDI, etc. is a whole other ballgame.
  • In my case it is really simple. Only an iPad Air 2 connected to iCA4+ via lightning connector cable.

    Playing back any sessions in Loopy HD or Cubasis have clicks and pops. Playing back music on Apple Music app have no clicks and pops.
  • Okay, thanks. Will stir the pot some more...
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    Okay, we have an answer. It turns out there is an issue with iOS 9 that's causing the clicks and pops.

    This affects all our devices with audio (iConnectMIDI2+, iConnectMIDI4+, and iConnectAUDIO4+). It's only with apps that have audio in and out - it doesn't affect playback-only apps.

    A workaround is to set the iOS device as the clock source. This is in iConfig -> Audio Info -> Clock Source.

    The limitation is, clearly, you can't use two iOS 9 devices in one interface unless one is just playing back (e.g. it should work if you're triggering a synth).


    "But my Asd;fijasdf'ajsf brand interface doesn't do this! Come on guys," you say.

    Ah, but Asd;fijasdf'ajsf is only supporting one computer device. It's when we connect multiple iOS 9 devices, requiring a common clock, that this iOS bug bites.
  • Yes, it works, I just sent you guys my report. I updated my iConfig to 4.1.2 from 4.0.8 and it seems the default Clock Source is now USB Port1, where it had been "internal" previously. Or maybe, it auto selected because it detected the iOS device (which would be smart). iCA4 had no issues under iOS 8.4.1 with its internal clock, so maybe this issue is ultimately fixable.
  • Yes, but you do follow what I posted, right? It's our Official Pronouncement. :) If you're using one iOS device, make it the clock master for now.
  • I'll test tonight as well. Any problem posting on FB iPad Musician? There are a lot of users there.
  • Works for me. Though you have to set it to the exact USB where the iOS device is located. So, if you move your connections around, you have to change the setting. Good for now.
  • Just so I have an opportunity to complicate things, I am running two iOS devices, one on iOS 9 and one on 8.4.1. If I make the iOS 9 device the master clock, will that solve the issue, or am I still going to experience issues because of using 2 devices? Thanks!
  • My guess is that you still want to make the iOS 9 one the master.
  • Just reporting back that running two iOS devices seems to work if one is on iOS 9 and the other isn't, as long as the iOS 9 device port is set as the master.
  • I'm having this popping sound with playback using a USB in my car. It started immediately after the iOS 9 update. Any suggestions on this?
  • I can't quite picture the scenario inside your car, but the solution is almost certainly to go into iConfig, Audio Info tab, then set the USB Device jack your iOS device is connected to as the Clock Source.
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    IOS update 9.1 came out today. Did it solve any (if not all) of the problems mentioned in this thread? (I'm still on IOS 8.4.1 for my iPad Air...)
  • We'll certainly test it, but it just came out overnight, so it's going to take a few seconds before we have an answer. :)
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