Latency issue between Jam Up on ipad to ableton on PC

Hi there !
I'm currently trying this setup but must've done something wrong... :
Guitar to ICA4+ -> analog{1] to USB1[1] (IPAD WITH Jam UP), USB1[1] to USB2[1] (PC with Ableton), USB2[1] to Analog HR (headset)
When I play the bass there is this like a 1/8 sec off. I tried a few things but don't really know much more.
Would you guys recommand trying anything to get rid of this latency ?
I forgot to mention the audio inside iConfig is set to 44100 Hz, 16Bit and the clock source to USB port 1 clock.
Thanks in advance cheers :)


  • after many trials, I found that even when excluding the ipad from the equation, I still had latency between playing the instrument and the sound coming through the headset ! I must be missing something... any recommendation ? :'(
  • Hello,

    On IC4+, Audio info tab :
    number of buffered audio frames : 2
    sync factor value : 4

    Not sure, but I think it reduce the audio time transfer...

    Also, nothing about low latency or jitter reducing into Jam Up ? (advanced parameters might be hidden in the configuration panel of the Ipad, where all apps are listed)
    What ableton saying about latency ?

    My 2 cents...
  • There is a 'Ultra Low Latency' option (on/off) in Jamup Pro's Settings, but I don't think that will solve your problem, because I just tested that and On or Off makes no difference (to my ears) and I have no latency at all when I use my guitar in analog input 1 of my iCA4 via Jamup on my iPad to Reaper on my PC. So it must be the way you are monitoring your guitar-input. Can you hear your guitar-sound on your headphones without Ableton?

    iPad needs to be set as "clock master" in iConfig, if you haven't done that...
  • Hey folks,
    Thanks for your recommendations actually all of them helped ! Problem solved. The main issue was a low latency mode from ableton hidden in the audio parameters...
    I owe you one, cheers
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