Can you designate an in/out for streaming audio?

My Apollo Twin had 14 in/outs, so it was as easy as grabbing say 9/10 in Ableton for the in and the out and setting the track to 'in', and I could bring in any audio that was coming thru my soundcard (youtube, spotify, etc.) and record it straight away. Can I do the same with this device?


  • Are you talking about recording the built-in audio?

    Okay, let's assume you have your computer device in USB Device jack 2 (because USB 1 has more power for charging an iPad or iPhone).

    In iConfig's Audio Patchbay tab, USB 2 1&2 is the source of your computer audio (sources are listed horizontally across the top row).

    Your destination (the vertical column on the right) is USB 2 5&6 or 7&8, your choice.

    The only reason to choose 5&6 or 7&8 is that the analog inputs are routed to 1-4.
  • thanks, that was easier than I thought. I don't see 7/8 in Ableton though, how come?
  • Unless it's a Live issue, probably because of your audio configuration. Check the number of inputs and outputs configured in iConfig.
  • Can you make a blog post (or a video) about how to set this up, @nickbatz? With a patchbay example, please? This question about in/out for streaming built-in audio comes up regularly, and I never understand the given answer...
  • What don't you understand, Haropus? I could post a blog, but you don't need it.

    Locate USB 1&2 on the top. Locate USB 5&6 on the side. Click where they intersect to make the connection.

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