MIDI Port FIlters issue

The manual has no section on the MIDI Port Filtering Section. ?Can you confirm that?

Brief Overview of the issue: I'm having really flaky effects it seems from "Aftertouch" messages with hanging notes. Notes that seem to never receive a "note off" message and the daw continues to draw the note after the key is released and until recording is stopped. It really just seems like the data is getting garbled with some very random effects at times. Sometimes the keys don't respond at all. I've tried numerous USB and DIN cables connecting the key controller with the same results.

To start with I'm wondering why when I go to the MIDI Port Filtering Tab, by default, "Active Sensing Events" filtering is enabled. If I uncheck this option the setting is not saved when I reload iConfig. The filtering is turned back on.

I noticed this just trying to troubleshoot the random midi event issues I'm having.

iconfig 4.1.2
firmware 1.0.8
windows 7 64bit
cubase 5 32 bit
Dave Smith Prophet 12 as controller


  • You're right, John. It is missing. I'll fix that.

    Usually hanging notes are the result of too much data somewhere. Active Sensing should be filtered (unless you have a reason to use it), and it should be saved if you write it to the device. Please file a support ticket if that's not happening.

    Can you monitor what's going into Cubase to see what's clogging the datastream? Is there a way to think the aftertouch in Cubase?
  • I'm pretty sure it's not the iConnect as it still does it when I plug the Prophet directly into the computer via the usb and select it directly in Cubase. I also have an old Maudio Ozone 21 that is doing the same thing. ?? Maybe a Cubase issue? I tried filtering out everything but Note in Cubase, while it improves it still draws hanging notes randomly.

    I just upgraded my desktop and this is the first time I've tried to get all this going on this system. New audio interface, new operating system and the first time using the Prophet as the controller. In short, I've really mucked up my creativity at the moment. lol

    I'm going to insert Midi Monitor on a channel in Cubase later this evening and try and go over just what messages it's getting and or not going.

    The audio I've recorded so far on the iConnect sounds really really good to my ears. Hopefully I can get this MIDI issue resolved and get back to producing some results soon ;-)
  • I'm really wishing there was a way of indicating what ports were receiving data or not. Like a flashing grey block when there is activity on a port or something?
    Granted the port routing is straight forward enough but in terms of troubleshooting issues like this, a midi activity indicator of some sorts would help tremendously.
    Just a thought? ;-)
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