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iConAudio4+ with iPad Question

Hi there,
I wanna record Midi out from my iPad (running Fugue) into Ableton. I connected the iPad and the PC with the IConAudio4+ turned Fugue output the midi on Hst1 and tried to record said Hst1 in Ableton. Which doesn't work. Is there something more I need to setup? If so, can you link/guide me to an article or video explaining it? May it be a Problem that I also have an IConMidi4+ connected to that PC? Is there an easier way to get it to work with that? iOS should be the same on both, or?

To make it short: Help! Please :)


  • edited February 2016
    When your iPad is connected to the USB1-deviceport and your PC to USB2, you should send Fugue Machine to USB2 (midi-out) and recieve the midi-data from Fugue Machine in Ableton on USB1 (midi-in). Now you are sending and receiving to/from the HST1-port, but nothing is connected to that port, so that won't work.
    Hope this helps.
  • Yes it did. Thanks. It's something you need to get your head around.
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