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Assign separate outputs for Sampletank and Galileo to the Audio4+

I use my ipad Air with the AUDIO4+ and would like to know if I can route the SampleTank Upright Bass sound and the Galileo Organ sound to separate outputs on the AUDIO4+, right now I have both SampleTank and Galileo sounds on my ipad Air going to the 1/4 outputs 1 and 2 but would like to reassign Sample Tank to the 1/4 output 3. I use the EH Lester K pedal and the Upright Bass sounds terrible going through the Lester K.


  • You can do that with the ipad-apps Audiobus and MiMix, or with the new iPad-app AUM. These apps let you route your instrumets to different outputs to you iCA4+.
  • Thanks Haropus. Also, some apps like Auria can address multiple outputs.
  • Thanks Haropus, I installed the AUM app and it works pretty good.
  • Yes, AUM is amazing!
  • I did notice that in SampleTank with Classical Piano and Upright Bass I hear a crackle noise once in a while. I have the iconnect audio4+ clock source set to usb port 1 clock.
  • FYI. Increased the buffer size to 1024 in AUM and the cracking noise went away?
  • My guess is that you also could have used the iConnectivity ASIO Control Panel to set a higher buffer size, because the default value 'Auto' there doesn't work very 'auto'.
  • Just out of interest, jdm, what are your basic computer specs and how much stuff are you running on it?

    1024 is a large buffer, although some things do need it.
  • I have the iconnectivity ASIO control panel on my windows 10 laptop that is set to 'Auto' for buffer size, but I only use my ipad air 2 with only the AUM, Galileo, SampleTank and NeoSoul apps open to play live. Does the ipad use 'ASIO' and is there a way to change the value from my ipad.
  • The iPad uses Apple Core Audio, not ASIO. You can change the "number of buffered audio frames" in iConfig, but not the buffer size the app uses. That's up to the app, and I don't know which ones allow you to adjust that.
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