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3rd Ipad on host port (midi only)

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It seems possible (people from Audiobus forum's told that) to connect a 3rd Ipad on the host port, using a male/male USB cable,to the new CCK (powered one) just for midi purposes.
So, of course I tried, but...The Ipad is not seen at all on the host port. I tried, with or without my hub. All classical devices are recognized but the Ipad.
I was expecting to see "ipad" or at least class compliant device, but nothing...
Any clue ?
Thanks !


  • It's looking for a USB MIDI Class-Compliant device (I don't know what CCK is). The iPad is a computer device, so frankly I'd be surprised if it worked.
  • Hmm make sense...ok. FYI, CCK : Camera Connexion Kit :)

    Would it possible to use an other hub usb to connect 2 ipads on one of the 2 main USB ports ?
    One would handle audio (and also between the other Ipad on the other port) and the other only midi.
  • After some research, I think the most reliable, and only solution in fact, would be to use bluetooth with MidiFlow:

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    Hmm, or bluetooth with Apollo, Midibridge seems to handle wifi only... but Midiflow does bluetooth, so yeah, confirmed that's a cool app...
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    Just to make sure, there are two USB DEVICE ports (for iOS/Mac/PC computer devices) - the two square USB-B ports; then there's the USB *MIDI HOSTing* port (for USB MIDI devices). You can connect a single USB MIDI Class-Compliant instrument to the HOST port, or up to eight if you use your powered USB hub.

    The DEVICE ports are for computers (iPads are also computers) only.

    It's confusing!
  • Thanks for the reminder Nick ! :)
    You answered well the first time. Then I was wondering if it could be possible on one of the two USB DEVICE (Pc/Mac/IOS) to add a usb hub, to have 2 ipads in a row...But it does not work either...
    So the only solution, as far as I can see, is bluetooth or wifi to transmit midi.
    Remember : it's for a 3rd Ipad...2 first USB DEVICE PORTS are busy with 2 ipads already...
  • Sure you can use Wi-Fi, in fact some of our interfaces have Network MIDI for just this kind of setup.
  • Hmm You mean the midi 4 interface ?...well how could I aggregate with my ica4+? Is it possible ? It does not provide a wifi router also , does it ?...
    Always more questions ...sorry :)
  • You can aggregate it, sure, in fact MIDI is aggregated automatically. It has an Ethernet port that you can connect to a Wi-Fi router or just wire to a computer, but for an iPad you'd need Wi-Fi (since they don't have the connector).
  • Hmm...I'm dumb...All I have to do is to plug an IM1 (for instance, but I have a simple Edirol UM2x midi interface) on the ICA4+ (on the Host port) to get a midi in/out , and on the third Ipad, on the ouput of his CCK an other midi interface (Midiman 4x4 that I already have...)
    No need for wireless...Except for using apps with Link.
    My last concern is to have also a wireless adhoc while I go on stage for my apps to be sync with Link...
    Thanks, this talk helped me a lot to figure this out !!
  • Network MIDI is MIDI-over-Ethernet, either wired or Wi-Fi. A Network MIDI Session is a 16-channel MIDI port going over ethernet.

    We support four Sessions, one networked device (meaning a computer or an iConnectivity interface that supports Network MIDI).

    iOS supports one Session per iPad too. Some iOS apps may support more than one MIDI "interface" at a time, so you may be able to send Network MIDI to another Wi-Fi device while using our interface. But that's not all apps.
  • Yep...I'll test tomorrow, but if can avoid midi thru wireless or bluetooth, because of the latency, that's perfect...
    For Link, between all Ipads, to use it without any connection, I think I'll go for that :
  • Latency is not at an issue, in my experience.
  • Well, I just tried between an Ipad 4 and a Pro, a simple connection midi/wireless with Midibridge, and I was loosing some notes, with just one app on each Ipad...Maybe I setuped wrong, but I was thinking about an Airport Extreme just for that...And wasn't very excited by the idea...
  • Then your network isn't reliable, or you're not close enough to your router. That sounds like a bad signal issue, not a latency one.
  • With Midibridge you setup a direct connection to the other Ipad...Hmm maybe I'm wrong...But as it received, I guess I couldn't be doing something wrong.(?)
  • @crony couldn't you just use the hotspot feature? or get one mines ten extra a month on my bill, but correct me if I'm wrong theres an app called Link to Midi on app store that does this or something link related like that i can't remember
  • Ok, solved, and fully functional, at the moment...see here :
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