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Sending Program Chages to multiple Synths at a time

I need to send Program Changes (PC) to multiple Synths or FX Equipment using MID
I need to send minimum 4 PC to different synths at the same time
Do you know an apps or device able to do this (I have tried to use the Yamaha iOS Apps Set List but I need to connect it using an iPad MIDI interface such as the Yamaha iMX-1 but it use one of the DIN port of my IconnectMIDI4+ which is not an option as I am using the 4 Out for the Hardware Synths (Roland Integra-7 & Fantom XR, Yamaha Motif Rack XS & Kurzweil PC2R ) I am driving them with a AKAI EWI4000S and YAMAHA KX8
The idea is to send PC to all of the Synths for each songs
Any idea


  • You can route MIDI to multiple destinations using the MIDI routing feature. Would that work?
  • I have no problem for routing the Program Changes I am just looking for an apps that can send multiple PC at a time (the routing is done by IconnectMIDI4+

    (e.g. I am using Arturia Beatsetp to send PC on the Kurzweil PC2R but i can only send one at a time I would lit to send 4 simultaneously
  • I use an iCM in my live setup with an iPad connected to a device port. The iPad runs the app Onsong (with MIDI add-on) which stores sheet music/chord charts and allows organising them in set lists. For each song I can store the MIDI program numbers for all the synths connected to my iCM, which are all on different MIDI channels. As I change the song in the set list Onsong sends the PCs to all the synths. It works very well. I also have iMIDI Patchbay that allows doing the same thing without chord charts but with reconfigurable MIDI routing for each song.
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