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Phone Number for Support?

Is there a way to contact the support department by phone?

I've had an open ticket for a broken iCA4 for a week now without any useful response.

I'd like to speak with someone about it before I shift from disappointed to pist off...


  • We just had a long holiday weekend, claudel, but I apologize for the delay.

    I just made contact on your behalf. Please send me a PM if you don't hear back soon.
  • edited July 2016
    Okay, so apparently you have been in contact with support, but as I suspected they were away for the long weekend!

    I understand they asked you to test some things. How did that go?
  • It still cuts out intermittently, losing either all volume or most of it. When I wiggle the knob it cuts back in. Same as always. I haven't tested the inputs I don't use because it is broken on the one I do use. I'm not sure what testing I can do on the other inputs anyway. I need to get this fixed.
  • Seems to be sorted out, thanks for helping...
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