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Midi fail to transmit all notes ?

Hello Nick,

Long time... ;)
Okay, I have my 3 iPads pro running well together.
2 of them are connected on the ICA4+ with 2 cables that charging (the official from you) each iPad.
Now look at this video :

First, to reach the 3rd iPad I'm using a classical midi interface, no problem, all notes are played. Then I switch to the 2nd iPad using the USB cable...Then I'm loosing some notes...
This problem happens only with DRC synth (a great one).
I've posted here to try to reproduce, as it is quite hard to test and double check this issue...

I also monitoring the midi on the 2nd iPad, so it seems a DRC bug...

But in case it reminds you something...
Thanks ;à


  • Well, seems a DRC bug...Or ICA4+ one ?
    Who knows...Anyway, I've got a workaround with Apollo...Hope it's stable...
  • Hm. Could you be sending a lot of extra data that's getting filtered in the original setup?

    Other than that, I'm afraid I have no idea what's going on.
  • edited August 2016
    I have no midi filters of any kind in the midi setup of ICA4+, this only occurs while transferring data thru USB between the 2 ipads.
    Here's the video with Apollo, and working...Still, very weird...As DRC is the only synth that have this issue...

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