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How many USB devices?

How many USB devices can be connected to the USB host through a hub(powered or non-powered)? Thanks


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    Up to eight with a powered hub. We recommend sticking with name brand hubs, because they're likely to play by the rules and provide enough USB bus power.

    The new mio10 supports up to ten, by the way.
  • Thanks for your quick reply
  • I have a hub from Manhattan, powered with 10 ports. Sometimes when I have strange problems, I disconnect a couple of devices and it starts working again normally. I suspect even if it is powered you can drain too much power, the voltage goes down, and all sorts of weird things start to happen. Before I go and buy another, a hint:

    Because this is the source of much frustration, I would ask you to recommend some tried and tested hubs. Maybe other forum members can help with suggestions. Please state the number of usb devices you normally connect without having problems. Thanx!

  • mantrak, please read my post two up. Chances are that Belkin, DLink, ioGear, Tripp Lite, Linksys, TrendNet... those are some that come to mind, but the idea is that they're known brands so they're going to adhere to the official USB standards

    I'd also suggest buying from a vendor who will let you return it if it doesn't work.
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