USB Host ports freeze...

I have a fairly complex setup using two iCM4+'s connected to a Windows 10 PC running Ableton Live. Both iCMs have all their DIN ports hooked up, and have their USB host port connected to a powered hub (7 ports) each with 7 devices hooked up. All the devices connected to the USB hubs have reserved USB host ports.

I have recorded a loop in Live that plays a combination of synths and after a while of playing the loop, the instruments hooked to the USB host port of the first iCM seem to stop receiving MIDI. The DIN ports are still active but the USB host ports no longer send MIDI (at least on one of the iCM4+'s). I have tested it with two different USB hubs - a cheap one and a brand name (Belkin) one. I have to reset the iCM4+ in order to get the USB host connection back.

The devices connected to the USB host are: DSI Prophet 6, Roland JD-XA, Waldorf Streichfett, Korg KP3, Korg Kaossilator Pro, Novation Bass Station II, Medeli eDrum. The track itself uses the P6, JD-XA and Streichfett

Any suggestions?


  • I'd say try resetting the device, but this is an issue for support if that doesn't clear it up. Please file a ticket.

  • Resetting the device works for a bit then the problem happens again... What I'll do is some more rigourous testing using the second iCM4+ and yet another hub then see if I need to file a support ticket
  • Yeah, sorry I don't have any brilliant ideas.
  • Great post and wonderful to get broad set of information
  • It happens to me also, I tried 2 different hub, a very cheap one, and one better, seems more stable.
    I'm going to try an Anker, seems more robust, to test out.
    The workaround I found is to unplug and plug back the usb hub host port, so at least I don't have to reset the all sound card.
    Something that might be interesting is how much power needs each of your device, to see if some on the controller may require too much power at some point that might lead to the crash.
    Keep in mind it's not midi that crash, it's the host port that carries midi that does...
  • happens to me too...
    In my case I think I have messed up my port routing....
    I need to check for loops betwenn the usb , the ipad, computer and din devices...
    may be you should take a look to port routung as well..
  • It would be a great help if the routing setup would give any kind of feedback. That would make the software much more intuitive.
    I know there is the infamous blog with generic information, which imho is not explaining anything... concernign usability the software is pita....
    make it more responsive... some sort of blinking informations like in a midi analyser that shows the signal flow... Hey, it's software. This shouldn't be that big of a deal.
  • Gee, I'm sorry you hate my infamous blog post that doesn't explain anything so much! :)

    But we're aware that it's a challenge learning how to handle the routing, and - while this shouldn't be construed as an announcement - you may well see an update in the future.
  • Seriously, for the shorter term, I'm happy to hear suggestions for how to improve the blog post.
  • for example. Take two midi synths, via usb, a controller, an ipad and a DaW in a computer, set them up and configure this in iconfig.
    That would not be so generic. It would be interesting to see the flow of data coming out of the daw, playing an ipad or an external synth and sending the sync to every device.
    Every single youtube clip that ICM prduced just shows how simple it is ti get all the devices connected but none shows how it is really done.. It is only marketing not real help...
    I use the Octatrack as my main recorder, while I sequence with Push in ableton, because I like plaing melodies with push... I control my Octatrack with a nanokontrol2 like a mixer... And again, I did one little change in ICM and the whole setup collapsed... and ICM freezes after a minute or two and all to the fact that the midi signal flow is not really transparent. And it is annoying having to restart the freezing ICM and having to reconnect the USB Hub that worked well until the small setup change....

    Even a working setup does not survive a restart! As the USB hub has to be powered cycled and unplugged from ICM.. and then sometimes the ipad audio is not working until I replug the ipad...

    This happens almost every time I change my setup that basicly I can start all over and try to get it back to beeing stable...
    I am a musician not a technician..
  • If the iConfig interface is being re-engineered I would strongly suggest you take a look at the now defunct Opcode OMS Studio Patches (and OMS MIDI Studio) for inspiration
  • It's functionally the same thing as Audio MIDI Setup in Mac OS X, in fact my understanding is that Dave Oppenheim (who started Opcode) wrote it for Apple.

    The problem is that what it's doing is a lot simpler than what iConfig does, with all its routing. But you may see your suggestions taken to heart in iConfig one day.
  • OMS Studio Setup is similar to Audio MIDI setup, and is used to configure what is connected. So it's equivalent to the "MIDI Info" tab of iConfig.

    Once the studio configuration is defined in OMS Studio Setup, the routing and filtering is all done in OMS Studio Patches which is a different application and has some very useful capabilities. I would say it offers more features than iConfig in terms of "smart routing" and is easier to set up.
  • The processing isn't done in the interface, though, it's done on the computer. We're taking the place of stand-alone processing and even computers in live setups.

    But point duly noted: OMS be good.
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