Does IOS 10 fix the bug of names of midi ports on ICA4+ ?


Old configuration with different usb devices connected was always there with 9.x .
Support told me it was a bug from Apple.
Does IOS 10 fix this problem now ?
I don't want to rush on IOS 10...

Is there any issue/stability improvement with ICA app and ICA4+ device with IOS 10 ?

Thanks !


  • We're still testing iOS 10, crony, so no answer yet. Will post the results when we have them.
  • Seriously, support should have a response now...
  • Well 10.0.2 is out now...
    Are you waiting feedbacks from your customers to see if they can't use your device anymore ? :( (and being stuck with IOS 10 till Apple release a fix...)
    IOS 10 is out for more than two weeks now...
  • Sorry it's taking so long, crony, but we have to ensure the update is safe before advising our users to do it!

    I'm running 10.0.2 on my iPad Air, and I know that standard sample rates *appear* to work fine, but that's not an official company announcement.
  • Ok, thanks for letting us know.
    Hope to have an official announcement really soon...
  • crony, let's assume that it doesn't work. Then you can be disappointed immediately and end the suspense, and if it turns out I'm wrong you'll be as happy as a puppy with two tails. :)
  • @nickbatz, you mean that @crony 's question isn't a genuine one? I am also very surprised - given the fact that IOS-updates have proven to cause serious problems with audio-hardware-setups (iCA4+ (and other interfaces) with IOS 8 to 9, and now some Steinberg-interfaces with 9 to 10) that iConnectivity doesn't inform his customers about the 'safety' of updating their iPhone- or iPad-IOS when a new IOS comes out. You make jokes about it, but to me you give the impression that iConnectivity is ...zzzzz... (more then a month!) and doesn't care. Maybe you can copy your last answer and paste that in your answer to every coming question?
  • Haropus, I'm very sorry. Sometimes my ridiculous sense of humor doesn't come across in writing.

    No, of course we take this seriously. What I can say is that our first tests say iOS 10 holds steady at 16-bit/44.1kHz. I have it on my iPad Air 2 here and haven't noticed any issues.

    That is not an official company announcement. My suggestion is that you make a back-up of your current iOS, upgrade to iOS 10, and go back if you need to. There are dozens of how-tos if you do a search.
  • I appreciate your sense of humour.
    What I dislike is the support team leaving you alone here.
    It's not like if it was out for a day or two, or if IOS upgrade didn't break stuffs in the past...
    So seriously, support team, support your great guy answering here.
  • @nickbatz, I wish I had some spare iPads, so I could do this testing myself! Again, I (we) don't understand why this testing of IOS 10 by iConnectivity takes such a long ...zzzzz... time! It can't be that difficult? And can we as customers überhaupt expect an "official announcement" from iC. any time soon? Btw. Your (quote) 'ridiculous' (end quote) sense of humor does come across. It only makes no sense.
  • I can tell you there is issues with the netMIDI app that is being looking into with iOS10
  • n13n13
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    Guys please calm down a little. Compared to other "pro" audio companies like Avid or Tascam, iconnectivity is a relatively fast one - in terms of OS support, updates and stability. Also I don´t understand the rush to update to ios10. There´s nothing big in it, that´s worth it. Just my 2cents. Let´s help each other again. Andre.
  • Well...Still not in a rush, but NO official answer.
  • Please see blog post saying there are problems with iOS 10 and Sierra.
  • Thanks, but here, my concern is about IOS 10.x and the Iconnectaudio4+.
  • I'm not sure if you're being wry or serious, crony, but in case you're serious: we have found problems in iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 Sierra that have caused us to have to advise our users not to update.

    It's unfortunate and of course we regret the nuisance to our users, but what can you do; OS updates sometimes break things.

    There links for rolling back to iOS 9 in that blog post if you need them, however. It's very easy.
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    Ok, thanks. But yes I'm serious.
    The link ? Here it is

    Thanks crony, I couldn't expect less on a post done 2 months ago on the forum, as a useful tool, note that you may have notifications on new posts, it's not the case with the blogs, but hey, you don't have anything else to do in your life, right ? (I like to joke sometimes also)

    I didn't upgrade to IOS 10, but I've upgraded to Sierra...Here I guess I can't revert...

    My first concerns was about the USB midi naming of ports, connected to IOS devices only as the tittle of the post suggests.
    What kind of bug should I expect with Sierra ? Why such silence...

    And BTW, yes I know sometimes upgrade may break stuffs, that's why I came in the support forum first.
  • I know, I know. Sorry if it sounds like we're being secretive. That's not the intention.

    The Sierra bug I know about is connecting to RTPmidi, but I vaguely remember another one. If Sierra is working for you, then of course don't worry.

    I will say that our development team has been hard at work, and I think you'll like what you see.
  • Ok, I've upgraded, nothing has changed.
    No patch,no explanation, no support.
    It's a real shame.

    More than 4 months...
  • You have to reset the iPad or if using a Mac delete the device in Audio Midi setup. See "Setting Custom MIDI Port Names for OS X and iOS" in this forum.
  • Thanks, I need to backup first...3 ipads here...
    A note and a proper explanation from support would have been the minimum since we have this issue.
    Still a real shame.
  • Crony, did you read what I wrote above? You keep getting frustrated with iConnectivity, but we're doing the best we can to follow up on the forum.

    If you file a support ticket you'll get an answer from them right away.
  • No, here I think we've all been very patient, and I really took it easy.
    Bugs happens, I know, but, you can't tell me that.
  • Seriously, anytime I plug/unplug a usb device I'll have to reset my ipad ?
    You can't be serious...
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