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How many usb to device channels are there for recording to a laptop? Is it only 2 channels?

How many usb to device channels are there for recording to a laptop?
Is it only 2 channels through the usb port to a laptop or can I have all 8 channels for recording?
If it is only 2 channels for recording, any suggestions for what I can use that has more channels to do recording?


  • The default is eight input and output channels, as set in the Audio Info tab in iConfig. You can set a maximum of ten channels in each direction.

    They can certainly all be recorded at once. I'm not sure why you're only seeing two inputs, if you are.
  • I am using Reaper on a Windows 7 Laptop. When I go into Reaper > Options > Preferences > Audio > Device, in Audio System, I select ASIO and then for ASIO Driver I select iconnectivity iconnectAudio4+, Enable Inputs only has 2 inputs, which are "USB D2 In 1" and USB D2 In 2", it shows 2 channels not 8 channels, which I have selected 8 and not 10 in the Audio4+. Do I need something like LoopBe30 or something to expand Reaper to 8 channels? Thanks
  • Are you using the ASIO4all driver?

    I'm afraid I'm out of my element with Windows 10, so if that isn't the answer I'll have to ask you to file a support ticket. They'll get it working.

    And I can't imagine why you'd need anything other than Reaper to access all the I/Os.
  • So the dropdown-lists for first and last inputs in Reaper show only 2 input-channels? I ask this because I once had the same problem because Reaper picks input-channels 1 en 2 by default as first and last input, so you have to choose the last input from the last-input-dropdown-list yourself.
  • Correct. Enable inputs is checked and the first input is "1: USB D2 In 1" and the second is 2: USB D2 In 2", I only have 2 inputs not 8. I also only get 1 channel at a time, which is what is selected in the "first" box is the sound I get, what I have selected "last" does not have any sound. If I change the "first" to USB D2 In 2 I then get what's on channel 2, if I put "first" back to USB D2 In 1, I get the sound on channel 1. I do not get a stereo sound from both channels coming from the Audio4. I am using ASIO.
  • Very strange indeed. I have the same setup as you have (except that I use 6 input- and 6 output-channels (set in iConfig as @nickbatz described)) and I can choose from 6 channels (6 mono or 3 stereo) in Reaper for recording. Sorry I can't help.
  • I figured it out, I did a firmware update and driver update and forgot that when I first got the Audio4 I had to change the in channels and out channels in Audio Info section to 2 channels from 8 channels because the sound kept cutting out and distorting when I played and that was the fix at that time. I changed in channels and out channels to 8 and with the new drivers I now get 8 channels. Thanks
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