iPad App for Assigning Audio Output Channels?

Does anyone know of an App I can load on an iPad, where I can specify which audio channels I want other apps to output on?

In my setup, I use Garage Band to play pads, as well as StompBox for acoustic guitar effects, and Loopcommunity's Prime app for playing backtracks.

Prime has in-app capability to select which audio channels I want each track to output on, and it works great.

Garage Band only outputs on channels 1 and 2, with no option to change it.

StompBox also outputs on channels 1 and 2, with no option to change it.

So I'd like an app which could intercept the audio from Garage Band and StompBox, and allow me to assign which audio output channels to send them out on.

I tried Studiomux, but it appears this would only work if I had the server piece installed on a Mac or PC, and this is for a live stage setup where I will not have a PC or Mac on stage.

I read a bit on Audiobus, but I can't tell if this app will do what I'm asking, and I already wasted $10 on Studiomux because I thought it would work, and don't want to waste more $$ trying different apps.


  • Audiobus is the standard most people use. Only one downfall to it is it doesn't do a sample rate higher than 44100Hz 16bit last time I checked.
  • ok, thanks. I'll give it a shot.

    So it'll allow me to assign Garage Band to output channel 3 and 4, and StompBox to output channels 1 and 2?

    Or do the apps have to be "Audiobus" compatible? (maybe these two are already though?)
  • Well I got Audiobus, and it didn't seem to be able to do it, but when I was trying it prompted me to buy the multi-channel plug in. So I did that as well, and it still doesn't seem to support selecting an output channel.

    So $20 or so later, I'm still not able to get the iPad to output Garage Band or StompBox, to anything other than CH1 and CH2.

    Certainly someone must have tried doing this without needing a Mac or PC connected?
  • I don't have Audiobus, but lots of people have said it does what you want it to do. Have you tried posting on their forum? They have one on their site, and I'm sure someone will talk you through it.

    A lot of Audiobus users are also iConnectivity users, by the way.
  • Ya, I tried to post on their forum yesterday but couldn't find the "create post" button/link after registering. Today, I got an email that said my account was "approved", and now I can create posts. I guess they vet every member before allowing them to post ....
  • For anyone who is interested, the setup of Audiobus sending audio to MiMix seems to be the key.

    Audiobus doesn't have the ability to output multi-channel, it only has capability to input multi-channel.

    MiMix though, has the ability to select output channels per strip. And it can be selected as the output of an Audiobus strip.

    Here's the details: https://forum.audiob.us/discussion/17212/how-to-route-app-output-to-specific-multichannel-interface-audio-channels
  • Any "serious" iPad musician or audiodesigner who has an iCA4+ should have (the iPad apps) Audiobus and AUM (and MiMix) and should visit the Audiobus-forum. Because these apps are the alpha and omega of connectiing iPads and PC/Mac via the iCA4+ . The developers of Audiobus are working on a new version that allows multiple audio-outputs and AUM has that allready. An iConnectivity-forum "moderator" (as @nickbatz is) should also have knowledge of iPad apps that deal with studio setups for iPad and pc/mac combinations. I find it embarrassing to read from @nickbatz: "I don't have Audiobus", whilst there where lots of questions and answers before on this forum about that app (and AUM and MiMix also!). General advice for iPad- and iCA4+-owners: first sign in on https://forum.audiob.us and ask (or search for an answer to) your question there! And hopefully @nickbatz will buy some apps for his iPad and finds some time to use them...
  • Actually, I did sign up and post there. You can see the link to my post right above yours. They were helpful and quick to reply! I'm now using Audiobus and MiMix, and it's doing exactly what I need.
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