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Use ipad as a pedal for a trumpet in a live performance

edited February 2017 in Audio

I'd like to use my ipad in order to modify my trumpet sound in a live performance. Now i'm using my laptop with ableton live but I'd like to carry only my ipad and leave my pc at home.

1 - Someone knows how I should configurate iConnectivity iConfig running only with an ipad ? I need 1 micro and a midi controler
2 - What app can I use to modify my sound? Like overdrive, delay or eletro harmonix POG pedals
3 - Can a usb midi controler drive my Arturia imini app for ipad?

Thanks so much!


  • You probably don't have to change the default settings in iConfig. The Input 1 or 2 (for microphone) will be visible and selectable in Input-settings of different apps that you'll need and the default Outputs will be Output 1 and 2 (to speakers or PA, etc.). Also a class compliant (USB) midi-controller will work with apps that allow for midi IN.
    There are 'hundreds' of effect-apps for iPad; you'll get the best advice for what's the best for your trumpet-sound (via microphone) on My best guess is that you'll need the apps Audiobus or AUM for routing Input through effect-app(s) to Output and then some effect-apps...
  • Thanks Haropus !

    Yes, its woks with the default settings! Vocal live free works well. Otherwise amplitube free doesn't recognises my mic. I don't if the full version fixes this bug.

    I asked in the Audiobus forum for apps
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