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Fimaware version

edited April 2017 in Software
just a short question:

I got a Audio4+. The (iconfig) updater tells me 1.1.0 is the latest version - but on the website one can find 1.1.1. for the Audio4+.

Who is right - iConfig (Version 4.2.4) or the website?



  • iConfig is right.

    Please download the latest iConfig, though. It has an option to set how often (if ever) it looks for firmware updates.
  • Hi nickbats,

    thank you for the aswer.

    BTW: The Audio4+ is a great audio interface! Keep up the good work ;)

  • edited April 2017
    But that wasn't an answer from @nickbatz to @xlodx, was it? (Or maybe a private one?) I also want to know why iConfig 4.2.4 (the latest) is checking for firmware 1.1.0 (after clicking on "Upgrade firmware" (under "Device" in the main menu)) while the latest firmware version for the iCA4+ is 1.1.1 on the website (see And what does this firmware 1.1.1. do that earlier versions didn't? (I'm still on firmware 1.0.8, because 1.1.0 only dealt with some Mac-issues and I'm on PC...).
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