iPad Air (iOS 10.3.2) and iCA2+

I put a lot of research into the most suitable midi/ios/audio interface before finally going for the iconnect audio 2+. It arrived yesterday after eager anticipation and all I get in the iconfig opening screen is 'No Devices Found'.
I've upgraded firmware.
I've updated iOS.
I've tried a load of different lightning leads.
I've tried different iPads we have in the house running different version 10 of iOS.
I've reset the iconnect to factory settings.
etc etc etc.

Is this unit compatible with iPad air on iOS 10.3.2??? This I think is the critical question?

PLEASE.... if anyone has any tips, or things I have just got completely wrong, could you help. Its so frustrating have vested such a lot of hope in this thing.



  • I ordered the ica2+ yesterday.searching for iconfig in App Store shows 2 separate apps.i have a iPad Pro on latest iOS .when the ica2+ arrives I'll report back here.
  • I'm having the same problem..."no devices found" on iconfig and iconfig audio apps. the first time I connected it up iconfig recognised the device but didn't give me any further options, when I came out and went back in it now can't find anything. Tried all the tips on the forums, nothing works. Is there any chance of a solution on here?
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    What generation of iPad are you both on, and what iOS? I'm at least trying to identify a correlation here between the symptoms and the setup...
    My MacBook has recognised the iCA2+ and I can programme it with the iconfig software. But its a 2009 machine and only on OS 10.6.8, that limits it to Garageband 6 only, way predating many of the features of the iPad version 10. Added to this OS 10.6.8 is obsolete now as far as many of the software producers are concerned so the power of a lot of the synth apps available for iPad are simply out of reach of my ageing MacBook!

    So frustrating.

    The two apps found on the app store I think relate to the 2 diffrerent iconnect unit types -the Midi and the Audio (this is not an experts view). I have been ablate install both on the iPad but neither recognise the iCA2+. If they did I would imagine the Midi app would not have the functionality to route and map the audio paths in the iCA2+ ??? -Im guessing now!

    I thought I'd give things a go on my iPhone just in case this shed any light on things and interesting iconfig app would load, but iconfig audio would not. The app did then recognise the iCA2+ after I had downgraded the firmware on the unit to 1.0.4... but again, limited software options and hardware capability on the iPhone when compared to the iPad.

    I have therefore also tried the other two versions of firmware available on the connectivity website -1.0.3 and beta 1.0.5b. Neither produce any different results in my case.

    Perhaps its worth  you both trying the different versions of firmware and any other hardware setups you can achieve, eg. iPhone, MacBook whatever and see if we get closer to a correlation here.

    iconnectivity remain silent for now despite me logging a support ticket and them returning by email that they will 'deal with my request shortly'.

    I have a 14day return period on my unit and so if I don't get this solved in the next week I'll be sending it back in time to get a refund.

    So promising, but fundamentally no good if it just doesn't do what it says it should... not to mention the nervousness I would now have, even if it did start working, if I were using it live as I had intended to do.


  • doesn't work! ios 10.3.2 ipad pro 9.7"
    reset to factory and upgraded firmware to latest beta.the interface lights up and meters constantly light up.the apps don't even see it..very disappointed .

  • UPDATE!!!
    Got it working guys.so after reading the manual for hours i figured out my problem.the ica2+ needs to be powered to be used with ipad only.so if you guys want to be portable and use this i simply hooked up an external battery/power block.it was recognized right away within the iconfig app.i assumed it would be powered by the ipad unless i'm missing something? anyway the battery hooks up to the 1st device port and ipad to port 2.
  • Thats good news! Well done!
    I've been powering mine through device port 2 but from a usb lead to the mac. My iPad is lightning into port 2 which sounds the same as yours.
    Still no joy here and no response as yet from iconnectivity, apart from a message saying they would get back to me, but they haven't. 

    Hope you continue to get on with it ok.

  • OK, after your success, I thought i'd hunt out another power source and see if this had any affect.
    Most iPad/iphone usb wall warts are 5V (UK) but I found one which was 5.2V and using this in device port 1 with the usb lead provided with  the iCA2+ my iPad would then discover the unit in iconfig!!

    I discovered that when the iCA2+ was powered by any usb wall wart which was 5V then the iPad would not discover the unit.

    So I went back to the Mac and when the unit is plugged from device port 1 into the Mac USB port, the iPad does not discover the unit. Therefore I assume that the usb power output form the computer usb port must be 5V or less.

    Well, I have a way of getting my unit working but...

    What about if I want to hook up my Mac and iPad, and what about iconnectivity's specification that this is a bus powered unit... I appreciate the bus power may not provide enough power to charge the iPad, but it appears it  won't even allow it to discover the unit if its not itself receiving more than 5V.

    Ok,so I can buy a power supply unit for the iCA2+, powered at 9V, this will then free up device port 1 & 2 for computers or iPads, this is still not bus powered though.

    I don't understand!!
    But maybe this info will help you other guys with your trouble shooting.

    Still no word from connectivity.
  • i agree they advertised it as bus powered,but never mentioned you need external power to use ipad.

    same problem here when connected to mac on port 1 and ipad on port 2 the ipad isn't recognized.i'm assuming it's a power/voltage thing that needs to be updated thru firmware.
  • UPDATE!!!!

    So after powering off the ipad while everything still connected .i powered back up and now both work and see's the ica2+.

    now can someone confirm that you don't need external power to use ipad alone? i thought i could plugin the ipad to port 2 and it would be enough power.
  • As far as I can work out, this used to work fine - it was pretty borderline, but we were just inside the tolerance limit for bus power. Then it seems Apple may have changed the way their devices detect power coming via USB, so that now some devices / versions of iOS don't detect the iCA2+ unless it has external power. Yeah, it's annoying, and it's very difficult for us to replicate back in the office - on all our devices it's still working fine so we're having trouble pinning down exactly where the problem comes from.

    The only thing I can recommend for now that will definitely solve this is to get an external power supply for the iCA2+. We do make one, and you can order it from your local dealer or directly from us. I know that's not an ideal solution, but it is a working solution, so at least you can get up and running.

  • iConnectivity support have come back to me!!! at last!!
    They have confirmed a problem has occurred recently meaning that power is now required to the iCA2+ in order that the iPad discovers the unit in iconfig.

    They didn't really shed on light on how something can 'occur' from nowhere. Or whether this is a software or hardware phenomenon -this would be useful to know because pressumably if it software fault, a firmware patch could sort this out, on the other hand if its a hardware problem with say a batch of units manufactured this way, there would be no fix and bus power will not be sufficient.

    I've posed them these questions and am waiting for them to come back to me.

    Perhaps they should consider shipping with a psu included since having the unit powered is not really 'optional' anymore.
  • well hopefully this gets fixed soon.for now the external battery way is working fine and i get to use a usb hub and midi controllers.
  • They didn't really shed on light on how something can 'occur' from nowhere.

    That's because we still aren't 100% sure exactly why this problem developed. Our best guess is that Apple changed the way their iOS devices detect bus power and they now think we aren't giving enough unless the iCA2+ is plugged into an external power supply. 

    Note that bus power still works fine on this unit if you are using computers, it's only when you use an iOS device that it's problematic.
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    I don't think this is an acceptable response. I specifically got my IC2+ to work with a computer and an IPAD air 2 running latest IOS. I only got it yesterday and am regretting the purchase already as it is not fit for purpose. If I understand this right - this will only work if you get the optional power supply even if it it being powered by a PC? I'm in the UK and I don't think IC ship to the UK and at $44.99 to me is extortionate for a power supply which is usually included with devices that require it - and this device requires it! The main reason I think users will go with this unit over the more established offerings is precisely because it worked with an idevice.
    My only option is to find a compatible PSU from a third party but the specs are not widely known, will any 9v centre positive power supply work? Or pay the hiked up price and ask one of the dealers here to order it for me.
  • "If I understand this right - this will only work if you get the optional power supply even if it it being powered by a PC?"

    We can only guarantee that it will work correctly with an iPad if it is powered by an external power supply. Some users have it working fine via bus power, some not. From our testing it appears to be particular combinations of MacOS and iOS versions. 

    You can also try to pick up a cheap power supply from somewhere else, but we obviously can't guarantee operation with a power supply we've never tested. That why we recommend you use ours, we know that works. You can order it from any UK dealer, you don't have to order it from the USA.
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