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Multiple Outputs in IOS?

I have the ICA4+.  I'd like to send some of my apps out of the headphone outputs sometimes to run through the Korg Montrons Delay. It seems like my ipad will only output USB1 1+2. I have audiobus 2 but that only outputs 1+2.  Is there another trick besides using iconfig and switching the outputs?


  • Until now, Audiobus 2 and Audiobus 3 use only 'System audio output' (L+R); the Audiobus team says they are working on 'multiple audio out'. In the meantime you can use the app AUM (maybe better than Audiobus) or the app MiMix (the latter in the outputslot of Audiobus); these apps give you multiple audio outputslots.
    Hope that helps...
  • Thanks I’ll try those apps.
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