Auracle 0.9 released

Today we have released Auracle 0.9 which features several bug fixes and now also allows you to resize the Auracle window - very handy for people with small laptop screens. It's available at 

This should be very stable and usable and is recommended for all users who don't need the advanced functionality of iConfig. 

In This Release

  • Resizable application window
  • Fixed: macOS Audio/MIDI setup hint could be shown on Windows when clicking in certain area
  • Fixed monitoring not immediately switching between mono and stereo
  • Fixed issue with Direct Monitoring mode on the AUDIO4+
  • Fixed selecting “Link Stereo” turning on phantom power on the other channel
  • Removed “Audio Settings” section from mio devices
  • Fixed wrong product name in Setup Wizard
  • Fixed wrong bundle identifier on macOS
  • Fixed picture in mio10 Setup Wizard exceeding boundaries
  • Fixed wrong labels on PA12 picture


  • "is recommended for all users who don't need the advanced functionality of iConfig. "

    Do you have a list of what 'advanced' functionality of iConfig has not been implemented?  Does port routing work?  MIDI Port Filters?  etc..  What has not been ported into Auracle?

    Thanks!  (and apologies, if this is posted and I just missed it.  I don't see a list in the release notes).


  • What jdoo said.

    Especially since I see reports that Auracle will screw up my existing configuration when I load it, there is no way I'm willing to even install/run it until I know what I can safely manage with Auracle vs. iConfig.
  • You really don't get it? We bought iConnectivity in order to have all routing possibilities available. Auracle is too dumb, iConfig was too confusing, slow and clunky. Level meters don't have decibel metering in Auracle, and in iConfig they are way off (DAW reads different db values than iConfig!!...). Please look at RME and how they implemented complex routing simply and copy them. Both Auracle and iConfig are way off the mark, in contrast to the hardware which is amazing.

  • From the Auracle User Guide:

    Should I use Auracle or iConfig?
    Here are some pointers to help you decide which configuration software is best for your needs.

    You should use Auracle if:
    You are new to using iConnectivity interfaces and/or are new to using Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) programs - Auracle is the quickest and easiest way for you to get up and running and making music
    You are recording audio and only use stereo speakers and headphones
    You are using a PlayAUDIO 12 for live playback
    You are using a 4K monitor - iConfig does not support very high resolution displays

    You should use iConfig if:
    You are mixing multi-channel audio with an iConnectAUDIO 2+ or 4+ interface (e.g. 5.1 Surround)
    You need advanced MIDI filtering and remapping

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