Routing to Computer from device connected to USB HUB

I am having difficulties to route the signal coming from my Keylab88 connected to the USB HUB (renkforce 7+2 USB3.0 HUB 2nd port) connected to my iConnectMIDI4+ USB HUB Port.
On 1st port of the HUB I have an Akai EWI 5000 plugged in)
They are all visible into the iConfig app on my iPad
I have no problem rourting the MIDI from the Keylab or the EWI to any of the DIN ports to trigger External Sound Modules but I cannot find the way to route the MIDI signal to my MacBook Pro to trigger soft synths
My MacBook Pro is connected to the iConnect MIDI4+ with USB cable plugged in the USB Jack 3 at the rear of the iConnectMIDI4+

Keylab88 > USB HUB > iConnectMIDI4+ > MIDI Ports  = OK
Keylab88 > USB HUB > iConnectMIDI4+ > MacBook Pro > Soft Synth = dos not work

I am probably doing something wrong but I cannot see what it is ?
any idea ?

thanks for your support

Best regards


  • The easiest way is just use Auracle on your MacBook for your routing, then this should be trivial.
  • In my setup I have external controllers connected via USB Hub to my iConnectMIDI4+ which control both internal instruments as well as DIN connected hardware synths.  Below is the connections that I have for one of those controllers, an Arturia Laboratory 61.  I have other controllers, but for this example, will just show the one controller.  I also have several hardware synth connected via DIN... but for this example will explain a DSI OB-6 desktop module.

    iMac -> iCM4+ USB3  (on back of iCM4+)
    Laboratory -> Powered USB HUB.  Port 2 -> iCM4+ Host 1 port (on back of iCM4+)
    iCM4+ MIDI 2 DIN Out ->  DSI Desktop Module MIDI DIN IN

    That's it for the connections.  The rest is setup in iConfig.

    iConfig MIDI Info Tab

    DIN Jacks
        Jack 2 DIN 2- OB-6   (Note - I named these ports...)

    USB Device Jack 3 (Type:Mac/PC Host, Name:None)
        These are all on . .

    USB Host Jack 1
       Port 2
            Arturia The Laboratory (Port 1)  Reserved Arturia the Laboratory  Name: The Laboratory

    That's it.  IIRC - its really the Host Jack that matters, and leaving the Device Jack ports on... but I may be recalling incorrectly.

    iConfig MIDI Port Routing (and this stuff is what your going to have to have correct)...

    Left Hand Column -- 
      USB Host Jack 1
           The Laboratory   (SELECT This... then all other routing happens on the right side of the iConfig interface)
                   On the right... 
                         DIN Jack 2 -- DIN 2 - OB-6   (if selected... the MIDI from my Laboratory sends MIDI to the OB-6
                          USB Device Jack 3 ----->   I use Port 8 for controlling soft synths from the Laboratory

    If I Unselect USB Device Jack 3 ports...  then there is no MIDI passed to the iMac instruments...  no sound.


    Within the soft synths... you need to select the iCM4+ port that is sending it MIDI.  In my case... it is "The Laboratory (Hub 2)" .  If you haven't named your ports, you may have to try selecting the default port names ("iConnectMIDI4+ HST 3") .. or HST 1 or HST 2, depending on where you plugged your controller in.   I am trying to recall where I set the Hub port name..  There is an iConnectivity doc, or YouTub video on naming stuff.  What I found, was it made a big difference, getting stuff named properly, so they show up with actual device names.  In any case, you can make the routing work, even without the port/device being named. 

    Apologies for the lengthy post.  Hope it helps.  There are a lot of ways to make things work in iConnectivity land.. and this is just the way it worked for me.  It may be far simpler to load up Auracle, and let it manage stuff for you (as recommended by Rodney).  I have a complex setup, with multiple hardware and software synths / contollers, and once I had things working, am hesitent to pull it apart, and hope that Auracle can handle the complexity.

  • Hi Rodney

    Thanks a lot for your long and detailed post
    I will try this and let you know if I succeed
    I am a great fan of iConnectivity Midi interface I have IConnectMIDI2+, IConnectMIDI4+
    & a MIO10
    Again thanks for your support
  • I will also try Auracle on my Mac
  • Sorry JDoo I should I thank you for your long and detailed post instead of Rodney
    Many thanks
  • Hi JDoo

    It is working now but there is something I still do not understand

    Let say I have done these
    1 - EWI5000 > USB Host input 1 > iConnectMIDI4+ > USB Jack 3 > MacBook Pro > UVI Falcon (Stand alone module)
    In Flacon I have selected USB HST as MIDI Input

    2 - Keylab88 > USB Host input 2 > iConnectMIDI4+ > USB Jack 3 > MacBook Pro > UVI Falcon (Stand alone module)
    In Flacon I have selected USB HST as MIDI Input

    If I use the iConfig on my iPAd
    If I want to get sound from the Falcon in both cases I need to route the

    EWI5000 to USB3.7 "HST3"
    same for the Keylab88
    Keylab88 to USB3.7 "HST3"

    The other Ports are not working this look strange to me


  • Hi Fred -

    Wish I could help you.  I don't use the iPAD iConfig app.  I manage the connections using iConfig on my iMac.  All that said... i just plugged my iPAD into the iCM4+ and fired up iConfig on the iPAD to see what it said...

    Under Port Routing.  If I scroll down to Host 2 "The Laboratory" and select it...  I see the following connections (these coorespond to what I wrote above too, I believe).
    Selected cells... (that are brown):
       USB 1.6 "USB 3"  <-- guessing my iMac software synths
       USB 3.8 "HST 2"  <-- guessing my OB-6

    Like I said, I don't use the iPad version of iConfig, but that is what I see...

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