Cable problems again

ICA4+ with a Windows notebook and an iPad. When it works, it is wonderful.
During my last session I plugged the iPad in in mid-flight. Nothing. I reset the ICA4+ by unplugging the mains cable (is there a more elegant way to do it?).
Nothing worked after this but there was a loud high beep that wouldn't go away. I gave up.
At home a few days later: the beep was still there but after some replugging and rebooting, everything worked again.
I noticed however that the lightning cable to the iPad (that used to work both upside and downside) now only works in one direction - sometimes no ICA4 is recognized and the charging symbol doesn't show, then I need to unplug, turn it around, and plug it in, and then it usually works.
This is already my second lightning-2-ICA4 cable and it looks like I need another one. They are damn expensive!
All in all, I would love the ICA4 but it no longer feels reliable, I would not dare to use it on stage.


  • Please send in a support ticket about this and we will try to help.
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    In my experience, that beep sound precedes a cable dying. Other posters in these forums have also reported the beep sound and losing iOS connectivity. I've had multiple cable failures - yes, very expensive.
    The cables have circuitry which makes charging work. (IIRC, Apple helped with the cable spec.) so it's logical that circuitry might fail under some as yet undefined conditions. All circuitry can fail.Maybe Apple gets a licensing fee as well. Even so, the price for replacement cables is outrageous!
  • Please send in a support ticket about this and we will try to help.
    I just did. 
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    and I just ordered another usb-2-lightning cable - the second replacement cable I bought for this box (after the one that came with the ica4 eventually failed). I bought it from Amazon again as I‘m in Germany and I need it quickly. The price is 42 Euros. So I’ve already spent 84 Euros extra on this interface. Is there a cheaper alternative?
    I wouldn‘t say that these cables have a hard life here. I transport them now and then. They look like new to me but they are broken.  In my opinion, they are the weakest part of the ica4. Another weak part is the two USB type B plugs - they are wobbly and the cables sit in there too loosely.

  • If a cable fails and it's still under warranty, by all means please send us a support ticket about it. We have an EU repair facility who should normally be able to send you a replacement quite quickly.
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