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Filter out MMC commands?


I have a looper (Ditto4 from TC Electronics) that is synced to midiclock from my master device. Unfortunalely, it responds to MMC commands (I really don't get why they did this, it's a guitar pedal with footswitches) and there's no way to disable it. So everytime I start a sequence on the master device the looper starts playing back whatever is in memory. I would like to filter the MMC commands out, but leaving the midi clock. I find that in iConfig I can filter out "real time events" and that blocks effectively the MMC commands but that filters out the clock as well. Is there a way to do this?



  • MMC is actually a Real-time SysEx message, so you might be able to do this by filtering SysEx instead.
  • Oh great, thanks, I ignored that!
  • Doesn't work unfortunately. I need to filter out all real-time events and I lose the clock (which is crucial for a looper for start-stop quantizing purpose) .
  • Hmm... We are working on the new filtering stuff in Auracle at the moment, so this might be something we need to address in that. But that will take a few weeks at least. So can't give you a fix right now unfortunately :-(

    You could try asking TC to change it on their end, because this is really their issue in the first place...
  • TC introduced this as a feature in the last firmware update and they stick to it. It would be useful if we could filter these messages out from the System Real-Time Messages stream (basically, isolate the clock) . BTW It's not Sys-Ex, it's conventional Midi. Most of my hardware stuff has the option to ignore these commands, but some don't and that's where an advanced Midi Interface such as the iConnect family comes in
  • Like I said earlier, we will try to have this functionality for you soon(ish). No timeline on exactly when yet, but it is on the roadmap.

    And yes, MMC is SysEx...

    "MIDI Machine Control, or MMC, a subset of the MIDI specification, provides specific commands for controlling recording equipment such as multi-track recorders. MMC messages can be sent along a standard MIDI cable for remote control of such functions as Play, Fast Forward, Rewind, Stop, Pause, and Record. These are "System Exclusive" (SysEx) messages, specifically Real Time Universal SysEx messages."

  • In fact I was wrong in my 1st post, but I was misleaded by my Novation Remote that labels  the commands as being MMC. It's not. They are  plain universal midi "system real time messages": these 3 commands: #FA (start) #FB (continue) #FC (stop) are the ones I want to filter out. Sorry, my bad

  • Ah, that explains it! Yes, those are MIDI Clock messages, not MMC. Unfortunately it's extremely difficult, if not impossible, to filter out just some System Real-Time messages and not others. Certainly our interfaces can't do it currently.

    We will have a look and see if that might be possible in the future, but I'd say it's unlikely.
  • edited November 2018
    I figured out a workaround that magically works: when I send the clock from the master device (Elektron Digitone) first to the Novation SL25 Remote midi controller set to sync to external clock, and then have the clock echoed out over one of the SL25 midi outputs, it happens that the SL25 actually filters out those messages so the rest of the gear is synced to the filtered clock. Now I can stop and start each sequencer, arpeggiator or looper independantly, instead of everybody (well, at least some of them) starting when I start the Digitone sequencer. I prefer it that way: less surprising sound explosions on stage. I'm pretty good at starting and stopping these on the fly,  or maybe most of them have some sort of quantising applied to the start commands they receive, I don't know but it works pretty well. This filter remains on the wishlist though, because this is more something of a hack that happens to work than common practice....
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