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Try this for solving "communication lost" on iOS 12

My friend lent me an audio4 plus. I installed iconfigAudio on an air 1 running iOS 12. Many problems trying to connect.
I think I may have found a workaround.
Clear ram!
I tried connecting after a shutdown/reboot. Unreliable. devices found or.....communication lost.
But....booting up, then, once booted, hold down the shut off button until the swipe screen comes up...then hold home button down until home screen appears. Launch iconfig audio. Rock and roll!
I had almost given up on editing routing on iOS. Not no mo!
I'm entirely blown away at the functionality, innovation, value and sound of this device!
Hope this workaround works for all.



  • Sounds interesting. Let's test it and see if it works for other people with this problem!
  • What would be a similar procedure on Windows10? I have at least 10 "communication lost" events per day, and often need to reboot because iConfig won't restart (Windows reports that a previous instance resides in memory).
  • Not a solution but i found it helps on ios 12 to deactivate the ipad auto-lock. keeps ipad connected much better in my small experience.
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