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Auracle yes ..but no Control surfaces.

I have spent 4 days trying to set Auracle 1.33 up. I have a 10 port hub with eight usb's connected. Inititially it listed some devices twice Arturia Keylab listed as being on both HST 4 and 5..similarly with another. If I selected 4 it would work but 5 would not . 2 days of re setting and unplugging and I have finally seen this behavior stop though I dont know how.  In any case my latest problem is, whist it will function with Standalones....when it comes to REAPER or Ableton live 10 it does not recognise Control surfaces. If I unplug my control surface ie Arturia Keylab mkll and plug it into another USB port it does. Everything is set up correctly in the control surface sections of Reaper etc, the midi ins and out are selected for control surfaces but when i start it up it tell me they could not be connected.  When I switch to the external usb hub my keylab works as a control surface , though strangely others will not.  In Ableton I cant even select them as Control surfaces they are just greyed out...and also strangely when I swap to the external usb it still fails as a control surface.  Midi notes will play in Both as with standalone apps. This has been hell...I hope someone can help.  I am using win 10 , and a highly specced PC though I think it matters not in this case.  Thanks to anyone who is listening, Martin


  • To be clearer when I mention the Keylab only working as a control surface by switching ports I meant to say switching to a non Audio 4+ connected external unit.

  • Did you try an older Auracle version with this set-up?  Did that work?

    What hub do you have on the Audio 4+'s host port?

    Sometimes I get drop-outs when I have too much audio and MIDI information going over USB on one of my Windows computers.  Is your Audio 4+ connected to your computer via USB?  Have you tried connecting via rtp-MIDI?  I've been meaning to try that myself with my mio4 to see if I get a connection with less MIDI drift and dropped notes, but haven't yet.
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