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Auracle 1.3.3 beta (for Windows)

I just tried to update Auracle and could only find 1.2.2 and a 1.3.3 beta version for download on the site. (I'm not sure what happened to 1.3.2)

I couldn't find a change log or any forum discussion of the beta.  Has anyone had any issues with it?

I usually use iConfig but tried Auracle for the first time in a while on the recommendation of tech support and unlike iConfig I was able to get all of my MIDI devices and programs running with it, something which wasn't possible with iConfig.  I had to start up everything in a very specific order (Auracle first, DAW last) but it all works now.

I use the channel rerouting and filtering on iConfig but found out that those settings will remain (in my mio4) even with Auracle running. (I keep replying "no" when it asks me if I want to reset the MIDI configuration.)


  • Now I've run into a problem where Auracle shuts down or crashes after running for a while.  This is not the beta version but v1.2.2.  I'm going to go back to iConfig as I never had that problem with it.
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