iConnect Audio4 - on/off iPad charging

When my 2018 iPad is connected to my iConnect it charges for about 10 seconds and then stops, and then starts maybe 45 seconds later.... So when it is connected there is the constant "beep" that an iPad makes when it begins charging.

Is this normal?



  • Are you on IOS 12.1.1 ? Because I have this chargingproblem with my iPad Pro 10.5 (2017) also, since updating to that (latest) IOS version. The problem only occurs when there's no app 'active', so it's not hugue for me...
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    This is similar to the problem I’m experiencing with the iOS device ports. There’s something going on with the most recent updates of IOS and the iCA4+; how it charges and deals with the iPad’s sleep/wake states. Not to hijack so I’ve started a separate thread.
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    Thanks for chiming in. I'm wondering if it is going to be either "crickets" or "this is covered on page X of the manual" .....
  • I'm having the same exact issue. If I find any solutions I'll be sure to post here.
  • Good news: the iPad charging problem seems to be fixed with the new IOS 12.1.3. My iPad is charging at this moment via a iCA4+ and it's stays quietly in sleepmode... 
  • Indeed! So far so good with 12.1.3. Thanks for the heads up. Hope it fixed the self-rebooting (usually after unplugging from ICA4) issue. 
  • IOS 12.1.3 seems to have allowed my setup to stop performing this annoying activity as well...
  • IOS 12.1.3 worked for me too. :)
  • yep - it appears the update resolved the issue.
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