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Routing All Inputs with iConnectAudio2+ using Auracle

edited February 2019 in Software
I want to create a track with three instruments in Studio One using an iConnectAudio2+:
  1. Novation Bass Station 2 (hardware)
  2. Roland Cloud Promars (VST)
  3. Korg ARP Odyssey (ipad app)
It seems as though I can either route the VST or the ipad, but not both at the same time.  I am using the 5/6 (headphone) outs only. Page 23 of the product manual shows a routing matrix that makes me think this is possible, but neither Auracle nor the front panel seem to let me do this.

I'm also not seeing the USB2 midi output in Studio One either, so it seems as though the ipad is completely disabled when I'm monitoring the main USB1 audio bus.

My firmware is the latest (2.0.2) and I'm on Windows 10 x64.


  • Using more than one computing device with Auracle

    Most users should find Auracle to be remarkably simple and straightforward, because  it hides a great deal of its routing complexity under the hood. However if you are using 2 computers, or one computer and an iOS device, things get slightly more complex. In most cases (except for the PA12) Auracle will ask you which is your primary Digital Audio Workstation computer and assume that you will be doing most of your recording on that. Your secondary computer or iOS device can still be used and audio and MIDI signals will be automatically routed between your two computing devices.

    You can route audio to from one computing device to another using the virtual output channels on your DAW / audio app:

    • Outputs 1&2 from the Primary DAW are always routed to the Analog Outputs of your interface

    • Outputs 3&4 from the Primary DAW are routed into the Secondary computer / iOS device

    • Outputs 1&2 from the Secondary computer / iOS device are routed back to Inputs 5&6 on your Primary DAW

    MIDI is always wired up automatically.

    Example: you have your DAW running on your main computer on USB1 and you want to send MIDI data to a virtual synth on your iPad connected to USB2, and then send audio back from the iPad synth to your computer.

    1. In your DAW, select a MIDI track

    2. Select your DAW’s list of possible MIDI outputs on that track

    3. You will see 16 virtual MIDI ports on USB2 - pick USB2 Port 1

    4. In your iPad, ensure that your synth app is listening for MIDI Input

    5. In your iPad audio will normally be automatically directed from your app to your iConnectivity interface. If it does give you a choice of audio outputs pick USB1 1&2

    6. In your DAW, create a new stereo audio track and set the track’s audio input to be Inputs 5&6

    7. Now when you press play, MIDI will be sent from your main computer to your iPad and audio will be sent back from the iPad to your DAW

  • edited February 2019
    Thanks for your detailed reply, Rodney.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you're saying that Auracle can't enable the mixing of two simultaneous USB audio inputs in the interface itself but I can do that in a host application on my computer.

    I downloaded iConfig this morning and got it to work as described above in the mixer interface (i.e. without needing the patchbay).  It was actually really easy to get it to do what I wanted in the older product using the mixer paradigm.

    I don't see this as an advanced usage scenario of a modern audio interface, it's a way for me to quickly get up and running (and creating) without having to set up all of the routing in my DAW and also not having any latency introduced from round-trips through the computer.  MOTU has been promoting this capability in their audio interfaces for decades now.

    This would be even more important to me if I was running an Audio 4+, where in effect the interface would be acting as a small mixer where an ipad and VST plugins are just more instruments in the setup alongside whatever is plugged into the analog ins.  If I was going to start performing live again I'd seriously consider the 4+ for just that purpose.  Having MIDI control over the levels for each channel would be super, allowing most controller keyboards with sliders to manage the mix right at your fingertips.

    Please do consider enhancing Auracle to enable this mode of operation.  In my opinion Auracle has removed some real-world functional control that the hardware does support.
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