Routing of two feeds to OBS Studio

So im trying to figure this out how i can play for instance guitar with backing track and route it to another program, for an example OBS Studio. As i understand when you set the audio4+ in OBS it will play from USB 1 1&2 (granted that you use only one computer). 

- So the setup will be as following. I will play a backing track from a software (for instance spotify, youtube etc). This will go from source USB 1 1&2 in the patch bay to Destination USB 1 1&2. 
- My guitar and microfphone will come from Analogue 1&2, but it seems like i am not allowed to route that to destination USB 1&2

Is there a way i can route both (source) USB 1 1&2 and the Analouge 1&2 to destination USB 1&2 so i can use backint tracks when performing live online?  



  • Yes, you can do this in iConfig. I think I posted a configuration I've been using to do this in another thread. Let me play around a little bit more this week with it and let you know.
  • That would be super since i don't fully grasp Iconfig yet and is still working on learning the program :smile:
  • Rodney, do you have a link to that config thread you mentioned here? I'm trying to do something similar going from Ableton to OBS without need to route all the virtual cable mess.
  • @Frekk

    You can. Put USB1 1-2 (top) into USB mixer 1 (right side 1-2). Also put Analog 1 &2 into this USB mixer 1 (right side 3-4).
    Then run USB Mixer 1 (top 1-2) into USB1 1-2 (right side)

    Then go into the audio mixer tab and use the middle mixer section to select the tab that says USB Mixer 1 which is usually furthest left. Then turn up the volume to the things you want in that mix.

    If you don't see the USB mixer or don't have it you will need to change that in the audio info tab.

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