Completely Stuck with iPad > Logic Pro Set Up

edited April 2019 in Software
Hello, I've had an iConnectAudio4+ for about 3 years now but haven't used it in a while, just reconnecting everything and audiopassthru doesn't seem to be working correctly.

I used to be able to plug in my iPad (using Iconfig on the Mac), launch an app and set my input to 6 in Logic Pro and the audio just worked, now using Auracle = silence.

I noticed when going through the walkthru on Auracle it allows you to use 'either' your Mac or other device but not both.

Ultimately what i'm trying to do is this

Record vocals into Input 1 on ICA4+ into iPad using AUFX Dub in using Audiobus or AUM plug in routed back into LogicProX - using LogicPro X as the main recording daw is this doable still?



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